The PCCW Symposium 2021 will be a content-rich, online experience with spotlights including: Affinito-Stewart Grant winners, where are they now? | Campus & Collegetown, across the years | Women’s History at Cornell & beyond | Student speakers, the pulse of Cornell | University Deans, thought leadership in motion | Forecasting the future of women in education | networking & more!

What is the President’s Council of Cornell Women (PCCW) Symposium?

The PCCW Annual Symposium is an invitation-only weekend event for members-at-large and sustaining members of the President’s Council of Cornell Women.  The event typically takes place in Ithaca (2018 was hosted at Cornell Tech and Weill Cornell Medicine for the first time) and has been in existence for almost 30 years. Approximately 150-200 alumnae return to Ithaca to hear directly from the President, Deans, administrators, faculty, alumni and students about current trends and future initiatives.


Recent past Symposium themes: 2019- One Cornell: Diversity and Inclusion; 2018- One Cornell: Improving Lives as a Leader in Technology and Medicine; 2017- Cornell: Feeding the World Sustainably; 2016: The Arts.

Sibley Hall and the Arts Quad in winter at twilight.

President’s Council of Cornell Women Mission

PCCW’s mission is to advance and accelerate the progress of women related issues in support of Cornell’s overall vision to be a world-renowned, top-10 research university, as well as a model academic institution that has a global societal impact.
The core areas of focus for PCCW are student mentorship, financial support in the form of scholarships and micro-grants to Cornell students to further issues that are unique to women, in addition to seed grant funding for research related to women’s issues.
PCCW is a community of more than 800 strong. Membership is by nomination only but is open to all alumni committed to furthering its women-centric mission.

For more information please contact Carole Quealy in AAD Volunteer Programs.