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February 23, 2024  |  Nearly 600,000 birders around the globe participated in The Cornell Lab's Great Backyard Bird Count in February. Here, birders in Panama join in the fun. Click on the link to see the full gallery of photos.  |  Source: The Cornell Lab | Great Backyard Bird Count  |  Photo: Rosabel Miró PHOTOGRAPH 

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February 16, 2024  |  On May 15, 1873, Ezra Cornell penned this letter to future Cornellians. The letter was sealed in a lead box in the cornerstone of Sage Hall. Almost 125 years later, the letter was unearthed. In it, Cornell's founder stated what he saw as the biggest danger facing the university: “sectarian strife.”  |  Source: Cornell University Library | Sage Cornerstone Letter - Rare and Manuscript Collections PHOTOGRAPH 

“The idea that cognitive decline is inevitable as we get older is not only ageist but ignores a growing body of evidence that some aspects of cognition actually improve as we age.”

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