About our grants

The President's Council of Cornell Women invites qualified Cornell students and faculty to submit proposals for projects or events. Help support gender equality and raise awareness of women’s issues.


Since its founding in 1990, PCCW has raised over $297 million for the university. PCCW facilitates knowledge across academic disciplines through its research grants for faculty and other faculty-related initiatives.

Affinito-Stewart Grants

The 2021-22 PCCW Affinito-Stewart Grants are now closed. If you have any questions, please reach out to Carole Quealy at caq5@cornell.edu.

The Affinito-Stewart Grants program was established in 1990 to increase Cornell’s retention of women faculty and faculty conducting research and scholarship into women’s issues and advancement. Affinito-Stewart & PCCW grants support non-tenured Cornell women faculty as well as other faculty (associate and assistant ranks, both men and women) engaged in research and scholarship relating to women’s issues and the advancement of women in completing research already underway or in initiating new research projects that will provide the evidence of scholarship necessary for successful tenure submission.

The recipients receive seed funding for research and other academic projects critical to the tenure process to advance Cornell junior women faculty and promote the long-term retention of women faculty.

Affinito-Stewart Grants are intended to lead to:
Major funding from foundations or government sources;
Publication of books and/or articles in respected scholarly journals; or
Other evidence of scholarship appropriate to a specific discipline.


PCCW Frank H.T. Rhodes Leadership Grants

The 2021-22 PCCW Frank H.T. Rhodes Leadership Grants are now closed. If you have any questions, please reach out to Carole Quealy at caq5@cornell.edu.

In 2000, PCCW established the PCCW Frank H.T. Rhodes Leadership Grants to provide support for Cornell women/non-binary individuals by funding activities that prepare them for and/or recognize leadership.

The FHTR Leadership Grants are intended to:

• Be aligned with the university’s goals and priorities as evidenced in a definitive way
• Have a reasonable probability of significant, substantive, and long-term effect
• Further the goals of PCCW


The 2021-22 PCCW Microgrants are now closed. If you have any questions, please reach out to Carole Quealy at caq5@cornell.edu.

The awards will be announced in mid-February, 2022 and funds will be
distributed upon receipt of recipient’s university account number.

PCCW invites officers of registered student organizations at Cornell to submit proposals for projects or events that raise awareness of women’s issues consistent with PCCW’s mission. These grants fund women student organizations up to $500 each semester for projects or events directed to women’s issues and gender equality.

PCCW’s mission is to support women’s issues and advance Cornell University’s founding commitment to inclusion with a focus on gender equality in various academic and professional fields. PCCW’s areas of focus are (1) strengthening alumni engagement with the university, (2) mentorship to prepare students for the necessary work of educated global citizens, (3) financial support to faculty, students and staff to advance women and sponsor research and scholarship into issues affecting women consistent with PCCW’s mission.


Questions regarding the PCCW Affinito-Stewart, FHTR Leadership and Microgrants?  Please reach out to Carole Quealy.

Meet past grant recipients

A short video produced by PCCW member Deborah C. Hoard MPS ’78 for the 2019 Annual Symposium to celebrate and recognize the impact of their philanthropy, mentoring and engagement.