Cornell’s alumni network is a quarter-million strong worldwide, and regional Cornell clubs serve a vital role in connecting alumni to each other and to the university. Cornell clubs also engage local communities, extending the university’s impact far beyond campus.

With more than 80 across the United States and 20 in other countries, Cornell clubs invite you and other alumni to enjoy a variety of events while deepening your social and professional ties. Cornell clubs also offer leadership opportunities that develop your interpersonal, organizational, and creative-thinking skills—where you can work with university staff in creating meaningful and inspiring experiences for your Cornell community.

Each club has its unique personality and interests. Check out events in your area. Past examples include:

  • Exclusive tour of Mohegan Sun in Connecticut
  • Slope Day in Austin, Texas
  • A tasting event featuring all Cornell connected restaurant vendors in New York City
  • Coffee meet-ups in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As a member or as a leader of your regional Cornell club, we hope to see you at an event in your area soon!.

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