Terms and expectations for members


A member-at-large term is six years and is non-renewable. You may extend your term if you are serving in a leadership role.

Members-at-large are expected to participate and contribute:

Members-at-large are encouraged to:

Sustaining member

When your member-at-large term ends, you have the option to stay connected to PCCW by becoming a sustaining member, which includes full membership benefits except the right to vote or hold PCCW office. Instructions on how to accept or decline the invitation to become a sustaining member will be provided in an email from the PCCW chair near the end of your term.

Sustaining members are expected to:

Emeritus Members

Emeritus members include founding members and former chairs of PCCW.


Membership on PCCW is determined through a nomination and vetting process completed by the PCCW Membership Committee.

Membership Criteria

Prospective candidates must meet the following criteria:

In considering membership diversity, we aim to have approximately 70% of our members with limited or no prior experience in other alumni organizations, and 30% with active university experience. NOTE: Cornell faculty/staff are not eligible for PCCW membership (until the time when not employed by Cornell).

For more details about the role of a PCCW Member at Large, please review the position description.

How to Nominate

This is a confidential process; please do not advise candidates of their nominations.