• Lamin Johnson ’21: sparking connections through art

    Lamin Johnson’s superpower is bringing people together. The Class of 2021 grad and spoken word artist is known for writing thoughtful and poignant poetry that bridges generations. Lamin has performed two pieces for Cornell, including a poem composed in honor of the launch of Cornell’s university-wide To Do the Greatest Good campaign. Alumni from across … Read more

  • Twenty years: Cornellians at the forefront of climate action

    In spring of 2020, Cornell became the first Ivy League institution and the sixth university in the world to receive the highest possible rating for its sustainability efforts—STARS Platinum. The STARS ratings measure campus sustainability across a range of dimensions, from the food Cornell serves to the energy it produces, and from the courses it … Read more

  • Weill Cornell startup offers personalized, effective treatment for obesity

    Overweight and obesity affect 74 percent, or roughly three out of every four Americans. This rate is projected to increase to 80 percent over the next decade—or sooner, because of the increase in weight gained during the pandemic,” says Katherine H. Saunders MD ’11. Katherine is an assistant professor of clinical medicine at Weill Cornell … Read more

  • For those who dream, Cornell is your place, says Farid Ferdows ’21

    “For any young refugee sitting in a camp, whether it’s on the Island of Lesbos in Greece or in Tajikistan, who has a dream—Cornell is your place. Ezra’s motto to welcome any person in any field is not abstract; it’s very real and it’s something Cornell lives by every day.” —Farid Ferdows ’21 Farid Ferdows … Read more

  • Felix Heisel: building a sustainable future

    How can mushrooms be part of sustainable building construction? Felix Heisel, assistant professor in the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP), has one answer. Heisel, director of the AAP Circular Construction Lab, and Faculty Fellow with the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, arrived at Cornell in January 2020 and knows that collaboration across disciplines … Read more