• Big Red podcasters: finding their voice

    In August 2020, Amanda Massa, associate director of young alumni programs for Cornell Alumni Affairs and Development, released the 50th episode of Fresh from the Hill: Inside Stories of Noteworthy Cornellians. This podcast, winner of the 2020 Communicator Award of Excellence, offers an inside look into the lives of recent graduates. Massa tracks down noteworthy … Read more

  • Together, we are fulfilling the Cornell Promise

    Due to the pandemic, the University Budget Office projects that up to 3,000 Cornell undergraduates will experience unanticipated changes in their financial situations. Each one percent increase in unemployment is projected to add an additional 275-300 students to Cornell’s financial aid rolls. These students and their families face challenges due to lost income or jobs—meaning they … Read more

  • Weill Cornell Medicine is at the frontline of vaccine development

    Images courtesy of Weill Cornell Medicine, Stronger Together Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM), at dozens of sites across the U.S., and in labs around the world are collaborating in the race to test treatments and develop effective vaccines for COVID-19. On Thursday, August 20, infectious disease specialists on the frontlines hosted “COVID Clinical Trials: … Read more

  • Alumni startup: making student votes count

    Juliana Bain ’20, Noe Abernathy ’20, and Devki Trivedi ’20 met during their first year at Cornell. Bain and Trivedi lived in the same dorm (floor 5 of High Rise 5), and Bain and Abernathy shared a house together for most of the next three years. Today, the trio are part of the core team … Read more

  • Anderson and Mitarotonda begin terms as alumni-elected trustees

    In spring 2020, Cornell alumni voted to elect Beth Anderson ’80 and Doug Mitarotonda ’02, MEng ’03, MA ’07, PhD ’09 to serve four-year terms as members of the Cornell University Board of Trustees, beginning on July 1. Here, the new trustees share their thoughts and hopes for the future. What will your main focus … Read more