• Listening in: Bioacoustics class records the sounds of Hawaiʻi

    The founder of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Arthur Allen, made the first-ever recording of bird songs in 1929. Since then, the Cornell Lab has been recording and analyzing animal sounds, including those of birds, frogs, fish, insects, and mammals like whales and elephants. Increasingly, sound is being used as a tool for conservation—both to … Read more

  • Making magic in Florida: Cornellians celebrate art, nature, and local culture

    What do 30-foot-tall bamboo sculptures of birds, the Cornell Botanic Gardens, and two Florida Cornell Clubs have in common? The answers include: a shared love of nature, a commitment to the conservation of species, and a desire to foster Big Red connections. These motivations brought members of two Florida Cornell Clubs together in February at … Read more

  • Rising stars: Harrison Award honors recent alumni leaders

    This year’s winners of the Robert Harrison ’76 Recent Alumni Volunteer Awards are: Dana Lerner ’14, Katia Lin ’14, Seamus Murphy ’17, and Grace Tucker ’17. This award was launched in 2023 to recognize the next generation of Cornell leaders. Bob Harrison was elected by his peers to serve as a student trustee from 1975 … Read more

  • Seamus Murphy ’17: Building a community for veterans

    When Seamus Murphy ’17 arrived at Cornell in the fall 2013, he was one of just over a dozen student veterans. Veterans comprise about 5% of the national student population, but when Seamus entered Cornell, they represented less than .01% of the student body. In 2013, there was no residential space for veterans on campus, no staff person … Read more

  • Meet the 2024 Alumni Trustee Election candidates

    Vote now in the 2024 Alumni Trustee Election For 150 years, Cornellians have been privileged to vote for alumni-elected trustees. Celebrate this year’s milestone by voting between February 1 and 29 to elect two new Cornell University Board of Trustees members. The Committee on Alumni Trustee Nominations has endorsed the following four candidates: Paul M. … Read more