CAU Summer 2023 Registration is now open!

July 9–15, 2023 and July 16–22, 2023

Two weeks on campus with Cornell faculty | Courses range from poetry to politics | Stay in the dorm, or commute as you did in your Collegetown days

Testimonials ✨📢

“The campus is beautiful and a great setting to relax and learn. I appreciated the opportunity to unplug and learn about a new topic.”
—Jennifer Adams ’84, CAU Summer 2022

“It was a fun and stimulating vacation. Being on a campus, living in a dorm, and learning something new, while spending time with interesting folx, was a great way to spend some time in the summer.”
—Mark Kelland P’18, CAU Summer 2022

(Mark took Taking Flight: An Introduction to the World of Birds taught by Jen Walsh, a Fuller Evolutionary Biology Fellow at Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology)

“This was one of the single best experiences of my entire life. I thoroughly enjoyed the campus, the accommodations, the instructor, and the people. It was an absolute pleasure to be on campus with such wonderful people.”
—Corey Christen, CAU Summer 2022

“A CAU week is always one of intellectual engagement, both within whatever course one is taking and in social interactions with other CAUers. Invariably conversations turn to finding out what others are learning in their various classes… As someone who has been to CAU only nine or ten times, I always enjoy seeing the interactions among the “regulars” who are always so happy to see one another, this time after a gap of several years.”
—Kathy Menton Flaxman ’71, CAU Summer 2022

“I always describe CAU as meeting with like-minded people and discussing topics in which none of us has any history with the other. It is refreshing to be in a situation where you never say: ‘Have I told you this story before?’ Plus, it is always a pleasure to see a few familiar faces from previous CAUs.”
—Jack Bloom, P’96, ’99, CAU Summer 2022

“The breadth of courses given, and the depth of the courses are excellent. The organization of the entire event was also excellent. It was a well-run activity.”
—Ron Livecchi ’70, CAU Summer 2022

(Ron took From Grape to Glass: Making Wine taught by Kathleen Arnink, Enologist, Microbiology Researcher, and Lecturer in Cornell’s Department of Food Science)


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