Week one: July 7–13, 2024  |  Week two: July 14–20, 2024
on the Cornell campus

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Take a riveting one-week CAU Summer course in your favorite subject taught by leading Cornell faculty on campus. Stay in the dorm or commute from nearby!

Course Roster

Engaging, noncredit classes taught by expert instructors focus on a wide variety of topics, including wine & food pairing, entrepreneurship, natural history, theater, writing, and more!

Book Your Stay On-Campus

You can stay in the dorm, the Statler Hotel, or commute from nearby! Review your options, grab the Statler promo, and book your stay. Book your on-campus stay separately from course registration.

What's it like to be a commuter?

Learn more about commuting from home or local accommodations.

CAU Summer Love Story

Jacqueline LeVoir P ’18 of Lakeside Park, KY, and Mark Nottingham P ’22 of Philadelphia, PA, first met in July 2023, when they were both on campus for CAU Summer 2023. This summer, they'll celebrate a year together—by returning for CAU Summer 2024.

What's it like to stay in the dorm?

Learn more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hall.

Get into what fascinates you

"This was one of the single best experiences of my entire life. I thoroughly enjoyed the campus, the accommodations, the instructor, and the people. It was an absolute pleasure to be on campus with such wonderful people."
—Corey Christen

Explore a new passion

“Great experience if you have intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.”
—Mark Nottingham

Connect and be connected with

With an array of evening activities ranging from Community Dinners to Hot Topic Lectures, and a social lounge for informal gathering, opportunities abound for friendships to bloom.


Learn more about CAU Summer

Check out the FAQ to learn more about the CAU Summer experience

CAU Summer is for YOU

Whether you're a Cornell alum, parent, or completely new to Cornell, CAU Summer is a great way to meet people who share your passion for learning.

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Meet forward thinkers

The vibrant intellectual community on campus, and within the CAU Summer community, is one reason people come back year after year.

Dive into a new world

“My expectations were to learn something I did not know.  I learned at least 10 things I did not know.”
—Joshua Goldberg, ’63, MS ’65

Start curious, become knowledgable

Whether you love lectures, enjoy active learning, or want to dive deeply into a new experience in just one week, CAU Summer has courses that run the gamut.

Ask the BIG questions

“CAU Summer gave me the opportunity for a vacation and a chance to be a student again! Having instructors who were so knowledgeable and passionate about their subject made the course exceptionally great.”
—Donald G. Horowitz

Take it to a new level

“The course was excellent and the teacher was outstanding. I got everything I wanted out of it.”
—Suzanne Johnson ’70

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“Good balance of class learning, socializing, and evening programming. On campus housing offered ease in getting to all activities and socializing. Camp for adults with better amenities.”
—Doria Linnetz ’99

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