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Summer loving: CAU Summer sparks a Cornell romance

Jacqueline LeVoir P’18 and Mark Nottingham P’22

Jacqueline LeVoir P ’18 of Lakeside Park, KY, and Mark Nottingham P ’22 of Philadelphia, PA, first met in July 2023, when they were both on campus for CAU Summer 2023. This summer, they'll celebrate a year together—by returning for CAU Summer 2024.

“Every day at CAU Summer, Mark and I were somehow serendipitously brought together despite being in different classes and staying in different locations,” Jacqueline says.

Cornell's Adult University summer courses and study tours have long been fertile ground for meeting new friends, and even forging lifelong partnerships.

“I think a fundamental common and very important interest that we both share is a love of learning and commitment to lifelong learning. Where better to meet someone like this than CAU?” Mark adds.

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