On-campus alumni and development event guidelines

  • Will be updated as CDC & Cornell University guidelines change (updated 9/24/2021)

    Together with campus partners, Cornell Alumni Affairs and Development staff members will follow CDC advice regarding large gatherings, consider the level of risk when deciding to host in-person events, promote healthy behaviors among attendees, and prepare for possible infections. We will also adhere to Cornell’s policy for on-campus visitors and events.

  • Key points

    Cornell staff will follow local, state, and national COVID-related guidelines. All events must conform to such requirements. Guidelines are subject change.

    At this time, Cornell is at a COVID-19 Alert Level Green:
    - All faculty, staff, students and visitors must wear masks when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Outdoor masking is recommended but not required for vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated individuals should wear a mask outdoors when physical distancing is not possible.
    - Cornell-sponsored events, student activities and other gatherings of Cornell students, faculty and staff may take place (indoors or outdoors). Rooms can be filled to capacity but, whenever possible, designate enough space to allow for physical distancing that could be used by unvaccinated individuals, or by vaccinated individuals who may not feel comfortable sitting near others. All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks when indoors.
    - Visitors are allowed on campus, but must follow all public health guidance, including masking. Events with members of the public must adhere to guidelines detailed on the events page.
    Indoor meetings or events
    - Indoor events are limited to 75% of the room or venue capacity to facilitate physical distancing. Whenever possible, appropriate space should be designated to allow for physical distancing that could be used by unvaccinated individuals, or by vaccinated individuals who may not feel comfortable sitting near others. When appropriate, a Zoom or other online viewing option should be made available to accommodate those who would otherwise be at risk or unable to attend in person.
    - Meetings or events lasting only a few hours shall not include food or beverages. This includes coffee, cookies or other snack items that might traditionally be served before, during or after meetings.
    - If hosting longer events, meals can be provided; however, food and beverage should be pre-prepared/pre-packaged to avoid congregating around buffet or food stations. Individuals should wear masks until seated and put their mask back on directly after finishing eating or drinking. If possible, individuals should eat outside, distance while eating, and avoid large groups.
    Outdoor meetings or events
    - For all outdoor meeting and events, organizers must be mindful of space capacity and, as needed, manage attendance size to allow for physical distancing to occur.
    - Food and drink may be provided; however, food and beverage should be pre-prepared/pre-packaged to avoid congregating around buffet or food stations.
    Public health requirements
    - All attendees who are current Cornell students or employees must show their Cornell ID for admission to the event. Cornell employees attending indoor events must complete the Daily Check prior to attendance.
    - All attendees who are not current Cornell employees or students (such as alumni, visitors, guests, parents, community members, third party event attendees and others) must provide one of the following: 1) proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine; 2) results of a negative FDA- or DOH-authorized PCR, rapid PCR, or nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) COVID-19 test collected within 72 hours of the event start; or 3) an FDA-authorized antigen test performed on a specimen collected within six hours of the event start. Event organizers are responsible for enforcing this requirement for non-Cornell attendees by reviewing proof of vaccination and test result documents upon arrival to the event. These materials should be verified visually at check-in for the event and should never be collected from attendees in advance or stored digitally. Training for employees who will be reviewing proof of vaccination and test result documentation will be offered through CULearn in the coming weeks. This training is required for any employee carrying out this role.
    • Face masks are required at all indoor events by all attendees, regardless of vaccination status. Outdoor masking is required for unvaccinated individuals. Outdoor masking is recommended (but not required) for vaccinated individuals participating in large outdoor events when distancing is not possible.
    • Unvaccinated guests and visitors should also maintain physical distance indoors and outdoors when possible. Attendees should not inquire about others' vaccination status and only trained University staff, should inquire about a registrant’s vaccination status.
    • Additional COVID-19 safety precautions may be applied to indoor events.
    • Registration is required for all indoor events and meetings and should include the COVID-19 Disclaimer (section 6).
    • Tracking attendance is also required for all indoor events and meetings in case of contact tracing needs.
    • Face coverings and hand sanitizers should be made available at check-in.
    • All events will display visible signage to remind participants to look out for COVID-related symptoms and what to do should they discover they are positive.
    • Event planners will encourage people to stay home if they are sick or have been near someone who thinks they may have COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19.
    • Please note that people have different comfort levels during this time, and it’s important to consider all alumni. When possible, a digital component will be offered, and Cornell will continue to plan online events. Business-related meetings will always have an online/Zoom option for participation.
    • Cornell University is not liable in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. Registrants participate at their own risk. Our office will ensure the proper COVID-19 Disclaimer are on all event registration pages.
    • Event attendees should immediately inform their Alumni Affairs and Development staff contact if they learn of any positive COVID-19 cases within 14 days of their event.

    Please note these guidelines are subject to change. We can’t wait to see you on the Hill!

Other questions

  • For other coronavirus-related questions, please visit the FAQ section of the university’s coronavirus resource website.

  • Why do some AAD photos and videos show students or alumni not following COVID-19 guidelines?

    Many AAD photos and videos were produced before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted federal, state, local and university health regulations and contain scenes that do not reflect our current commitment to new and emerging health guidelines which include wearing masks and face coverings, physical distancing and observing travel restrictions. AAD strongly supports and adheres to these guidelines.

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