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Cornell faculty design and teach every CAU experience, from education vacations around the globe, to on-campus CAU Summer seminars.


Jim Alexander

Warren D. Allmon

Kathleen Arnink

  • CAU Summer 2023: Wine and Food: The Principles and Pleasures of Pairing

    "The course and instructors were great; it was different than I expected but better! I enjoyed the "training" of our tasting palettes and the coupling with foods. I also really enjoyed the hands-on blending activity; I felt I learned so much. The visit to the winery was wonderful, especially the lectures about the various vineyards."

Ellen Avril

Edward Baptist

Matt Baughan

  • CAU Summer 2023: The Golf Clinic for All Players

    "The Golf Clinic was amazing. Matt and Kelly provided excellent instruction and greatly improved my skills. The learning environment was relaxed and fun, the classmates were interesting, and weather cooperated."

    "My expectations were met. Much improved my game"

    "The golf instruction was excellent. I learned a lot and was able to play on the course as much as I wanted. I made great friends."

Catherine K. Blumenkamp

Alexandra Cirone

Raymond Craib

  • Histories of Spain: From al-Andalus to Almodóvar

    CAU Summer 2023: Chile, the Pacific, and the World

    “It was a wonderful course. Ray is a great teacher. We had excellent discussions. The focus was on Chile, but we really learned a lot about South American history in general. It would be interesting to include a class session on pre-conquest South America. “

    “I had no background on the subject .Some of my classmates did. The prof made it work for everyone.”

Corey Ryan Earle '07

  • CAU Summer 2023: How to Build a University

    "Evan and Corey Earle could read the phone book and find a way to make it interesting."

    "Loved Corey and Evan's course. Their scope and depth of knowledge were remarkable and they must have spent uncountable hours preparing to teach. I was most impressed with their teaching about the founding of the University, including original documents in Ezra's hand."

Evan Fay Earle '02, MS '14

  • CAU Summer 2023: How to Build a University

    "Corey and Evan did a phenomenal job teaching the course. They had the course planned exquisitely while still managing to be very flexible to cater to the interests of a disparate group of adult learners. They were incredibly generous with their time and knowledge."

    "The Earle’s are excellent!"

Emily Wilcox Gier

Cole Gilbert

Charlie Green

  • CAU Summer 2023: The Personal Essay: A Writing Workshop

    "The course was a delight and a revelation. Charlie Green moderated an active class and yet managed to give formal instruction also. One of the most valuable learning experiences that I have had. I could not have asked more from the course itself."

    "Expectations exceeded. Charlie created a very safe space for people to share their writing and feelings. We were very connected with each other over the course of the week. Great group of people. Learned a lot to improve my writing."

Nancy Green

  • CAU Study Tour 2022: Scandinavia: An Exploration of Masterful Art & Design

    CAU Summer 2023: Art for Its Time: Reflections of Recent American Movements

    "Art class was excellent. I wanted to learn what studying art history was like and this satisfied my curiosity. I enjoyed the lectures and excursions."

    "The instructors were perfect together and had a wonderful knowledge of the subject. Being in the Johnson Art Museum was wonderful."

Charles Greene

Drew Harvell

Mark Holton

Steve Israel

Jessica Levin Martinez

Scott MacDonald

  • CAU Study Tour 2023: Ancient Cities of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula

    "Scott is a 10. His lectures were clear but intellectually challenging. I would go again with him. Most anywhere."

    "His talks were very thought provoking. His lectures matched quite well with the excursions."

    "Scott's lectures were invigorating (for the mind). He is a great presenter and I appreciated his handouts. He was also wonderful company at dinner and on bus rides. I enjoyed how much he was enjoying the sites we visited!"

Annemarie Morse

  • CAU Summer 2023: Wine and Food: The Principles and Pleasures of Pairing

    "I thought the Wine and Food Class was outstanding and I really appreciate the expertise of the two instructors, Kathleen and Annemarie. Both were outstanding communicators, experts in their field and both did an excellent job of leading a fast paced and hands-on course. The lab session, cooking section and excursion to the Hermann J. Wiemer winery and on-site tasting lunch were highlights."

Maryterese Pasquale-Bowen

  • Maryterese Pasquale-Bowen
    Assistant for School Programs, Johnson Museum of Art

    CAU Summer 2023: Art for Its Time: Reflections of Recent American Movements

    "I enjoyed the course. I was able to just enjoy the art and not take lots of notes. I thought the course was well structured and the instructors worked well together."

    "My expectations were exceeded...I LOVED this course, learned a lot about art movements I was unfamiliar with, and as well as really enjoying and learning from the two instructors, the class participants were also knowledgeable in many different areas and definitely added to the value of the course."

    "I had a very good time. Very much enjoyed meeting the people and my class was excellent!"

Linda Rayor

  • CAU Study Tour 2022: Borneo: A Celebration of Earth’s Biodiversity

    CAU Study Tour 2023: Borneo: A Celebration of Earth’s Biodiversity

    "Lectures were interesting and very informative. They are fun to be around. Would love to take a nature tour with them again."

Vanya Rohwer

Ivan Sagel

  • Ivan Sagel
    Director and Senior Instructor, Merril Sailing Center

    CAU Summer 2023: The Sailing Clinic

Barry Strauss

  • CAU Study Tour 2022: Undiscovered Greece

    “Barry holds a wealth of information that he communicates in an understandable and enjoyable manner.”―Carol Gilmour ’82 and Jim Gilmour ’80

    “No one presents the military history of the ancient world with greater insight and panache than Strauss.”―Publishers Weekly

    “There is an energetic attitude that infuses Barry’s presentations with a palpable sense of enthusiasm for his subjects – a sentiment that is instantly reciprocated by the audience. His ability to establish such rapport is truly extraordinary.” ―William B. Crawley, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Mary Washington

Jennifer Gioffre Todd