Civil Rights: A Journey to Freedom, November 13 - 17, 2021

Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma Alabama in partnership with the non-profit Alabama Civil Rights Tourism Association and in support of Black-owned businesses and local communities.

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Dear Cornell Travelers

These past 18 months have offered the chance for another kind of travel: a journey inward. Now, thanks to enhanced hygiene protocols and increasingly widespread vaccination, we’re looking forward to being out in the world again. But it’s different. Just as we used to return home from a tour with fresh insights gleaned in faraway places, when we step out the door again, we’ll be doing so with new wisdom earned from a long time at home. We’ll be going with a deep gratitude for the places where, and people with whom, we’ve been abiding. We’ve all experienced this together—despite our separation from one another. It’s been hard. And we are striving to be better for it.

For Cornell Alumni Travel, the journey inward has resulted in an increased dedication to sourcing travel opportunities that prioritize inclusivity, sustainability, and intentional partnership with local communities. This is a work in progress, but Civil Rights—A Journey to Freedom, November 13 – 17, 2021 is a good example: content designed to enhance understanding of the historic and continued struggle for racial justice in the United States, and a focus on supporting Black-owned businesses throughout. Yes, we will still offer the tours you’ve been waiting to take. And, even on those, we will be improving by including less paper, less plastic, and more emphasis on responsible tourism.

If you’re looking for meaningful experiences in destinations around the globe, please consider our small group tours specifically curated for Cornell alumni, family, and friends. Whether journeying inward, or to the most remote destination of our dreams, as the Palau Pledge encourages, let us “tread lightly, act kindly, and explore mindfully.”

Our friendly, inclusive, experience-based tours are led by expert tour directors, feature local guides, and are frequently accompanied by a Cornell staff member. We know you want to take well-orchestrated adventures so that you can focus on what matters: taking those adventures together.

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