Libe Slope with a large tree

How Well Do You Know Cornell?

We shot a dozen extreme close-ups of buildings and other East Hill landmarks. Can you recognize them?

Difficulty Level: Challenging

All photos by Jason Koski / Cornell University

Published December 21, 2022


  1. Maria D. Schoen, Class of 1977

    This quiz was fun but I had to take it twice since I didn’t realize how many building details I had never noticed.

    • Eric Key, Class of 1977

      A lot of these were in places I had never been.

  2. Gilberto Albuquerque, Class of 1990

    Only four out of 12. I guess the 27 years since I left Cornell took its toll in my memory 😄

  3. Leslie

    I didn’t know that some places had been renamed.

  4. Oumou, Class of 2023

    The funny thing is I thought I knew this sites. Well I ought to spend more attention 😁

  5. Mark Feldman

    6 out of 12 after 40 years. You’d think an architect would do better!

    • Mary Sander Alden, Class of 1968

      What a clever way to remind us of details often overlooked as well as changes that have occurred over 50 years! I’ll observe more carefully at reunion! (I flunked this time.)

  6. Mark Bernard, Class of 1986

    With a score of 3/12… I hope that you’re grading on a curve.

  7. George Gifford, Class of 1985

    Loved it…Please arrange for these periodically…Go Big Red!!

  8. Randi, Class of 2007

    I was able to get 5 right after 4 years there and nearly 15 away, I’ll take it!

  9. Dan Cheung, Class of 1979

    I was really surprised I got 10 out of 12, missed two. One was a total wild guess and the other was for a building that wasn’t there until decades after I left.

  10. Derick Adams, Class of 1981

    Did not score well, but the quiz definitely brought back memories

  11. Joel Langstein, Class of 2019

    Very hard test!

  12. Nancy Freeman, Class of 1983

    All I care about is what the mean score was. 😂

    • Jeanne Arnold -Schwetje, Class of 1978

      I only got 4/12 but it was such an informative quiz. I got the heads on Olin Libe because senior year, a friend of mine and I used to climb that wall to practice our bouldering skills!

  13. Donald Payne, Class of 1983

    4/12. I should have known at least Sage Chapel better — I was in the Glee Club.

  14. Pat Erickson, Class of 1997

    Thank you for putting this together. Very fun!

  15. Dev, Class of 2024

    My 6th year of PhD here and got 6/12 on this quiz… I guess I have to be here for 12 years to get 12/12 😅

  16. Larry Baizer, Class of 1975

    What a fun challenge! I got 4/12 but I think that’s pretty good for class of 1975–some of these buildings didn’t even exist when I was at Cornell.

  17. Cory Byard, Class of 1966

    More important to remember people and experience. I did better than some but wish I’d remembered more during prelims. Thx for the fun test

  18. Marilyn Brewer Lhuillier, Class of 1965

    I got 5 out of 12. So much is new to me! 57 years since I was at Cornell!

  19. Judy Kotler, Class of 2008

    Yikes! 3/12 pretty shabby

  20. Drew, Class of 2001

    Ouch! I thought I’d do better!

  21. David Chadwick-Brown, Class of 1961

    Being a native Ithacan should have given me a leg up, but didn’t seem to help, at 7 of 12.

  22. Siree, Class of 2001

    7 out of 12, not bad for 23 years blast from the past.

  23. William Eichinger, Class of 1970

    Having graduated 53 years ago 5 of 12 I am ok with.

  24. Andrew Walsh, Class of 1983

    I dragged the curve down for y’all! But it’s been 40 years, I did not wonder as widely as I should, and I swear some of these items post-date me! Thanks. That was fun.

    Example: I worked all 4 years in the ORIGINAL Temple of Zeus in Goldwin Smith basement. What’s this Klarman Hall now?!

  25. Chuck Buxbaum, Class of 1987

    5/12 Reminds me of my first Chem 207 exam 😉

  26. Karen Allen, Class of 1984

    Good to see my score of 4 wasn’t too far off the norm. Thanks for doing this, details we just take for granted at our beautiful campus!

  27. Suzanne Tougas Snedeker, Class of 1978

    Probably the best puzzler I’ve seen about campus landmarks! I got 10/12 but I’m an alum who lives in Ithaca. You should post new images every month, but in fairness, have new and previous names of buildings.
    These would be good subjects for treasure hunts to do during reunion.

  28. Steve Sauter, Class of 1976

    I will look for these at the next reunion IF I can find this posting so as to remember what places and objects were in the quiz!

  29. Jeanne Arnold -Schwetje, Class of 1978

    I only got 4/12 but it was such an informative quiz. I got the heads on Olin Libe because senior year, a friend of mine and I used to climb that wall to practice our bouldering skills!

  30. Karen Viglione Lauterwasser, Class of 1976

    Between the buildings with new names and the buildings built after I roamed the campus, I didn’t get too many correct answers. It was fun to take a wee photographic tour, though.

  31. Cynthia Edmondson, Class of 1964

    Fun quiz. I’m surprised I answered any correctly. My excuse is that I graduated in 1964!

  32. Doug Veit

    I’m not joining the fray. Competitiveness dies hard. I’m not reporting my score, nor my graduation year. But the exercise (I refuse to call it a test) was great fun.

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