image of stairway for quiz

Far(ther) Above: The Campus Stairways Quiz

These 11 sets of interior and exterior steps are located somewhere on the Hill. Can you identify them?

Difficulty Level: Challenging

All photos by Sreang Hok / Cornell University.

Published February 27, 2024


  1. Gretchen Townsend Paul Schnabel, Class of 1986

    How do you have a quiz on staircases at Cornell and not one of them is McGraw tower?!

    • Bayla Singef, Class of 1960

      “gotcha!” — they expected you to expect McGraw tower 🙂

      When I first began wearing makeup, I expected my mother to comment on my eyebrows, so I didn’t put anything on them — and sure enough, Mom’s first comment was that I had put too much on my eyebrows 🙂

  2. Patricia O'Brien, Class of 1977

    Very cool photos!

  3. alejandro, Class of 2021

    ouch, this was much more difficult than I expected! maybe it’s time to return to campus 🙂

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