Cornellians FAQ

How do I submit an item for Class Notes?

Class Notes, which are written by your class correspondents, are your opportunity to connect with your class and share your news with your classmates. Submit your news via the online form to be included in a future column. By submitting an item for Class Notes, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions.

How do I submit a post for Updates from Alumni?

Cornellians publishes alumni-submitted updates. By submitting an update, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions. Posts are public and may be edited for clarity and civility. Previously published posts will be permanently archived on the site. If you have a concern about a post or want to have your post removed, please email You may submit a post via the Updates from Alumni submission form.

How do I notify the University of an alumni death?

Cornellians periodically publishes notices of alumni deaths reported to the University. Please send a notification to

How do I submit my book for consideration among the featured titles?

Cornellians features brief write-ups of a limited number of recently published books by alumni and faculty. For consideration, books must be published by a conventional publisher and be of interest to a general audience. Books not featured will be forwarded to the Class Notes section. To submit your book, please email

How do I suggest a potential story topic?

Please submit story suggestions to Summarize your idea in a few sentences and explain why you think it would be a good fit for Cornellians. We regret that we can only feature a small fraction of the many accomplishments of Big Red alumni with story coverage in Cornellians, but topics not chosen will be forwarded to the Class Notes section.

How do I comment on stories?

Cornellians encourages you to share your thoughts related to the content of our stories—especially your own memories of Big Red life—by using the link at the bottom of the text. Comments are public and may be edited for clarity and civility. By submitting a comment, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions.

How do I subscribe to the Cornellians RSS feed?

You can subscribe by pasting this link into your preferred RSS reader. Please note when you click the link, you will see the feed’s HTML coding (this is normal). This Wikipedia page explains what RSS feeds are and how they work.

How do I subscribe to the print version?

Please see details below regarding the Cornellians digest.

How do I contact Cornellians?


The Cornellians print digest

What is the Cornellians digest?

To serve alumni readers who prefer to read Cornellians stories and Class Notes in a print format, we will soon introduce the Cornellians digest. Each issue will include curated content previously published online—from popular profiles to campus features, “Ask the Expert” segments, and highlights from Class Notes.

How often does the Cornellians digest come out?

Quarterly. Our first issue will be Spring 2023, mailing in April.

How long will the Cornellians digest be?

It will run approximately 96 pages, with Class Notes highlights comprising about half of each issue.

Will the Cornellians digest have content beyond what appears in the online publication?

No. The Cornellians digest is intended to accommodate alumni who prefer to receive their alumni news in a print format by presenting a selection of previous online content in print form. Readers can expect stories showcasing alumni, campus, students, University experts, Cornell history, and books, as well as highlights from Class Notes.

Why does the Cornellians digest include highlights from Class Notes rather than the entire columns? Where can I read the full columns?

Since Class Notes have gone digital, we’ve seen an explosion of submissions and engagement! While that’s something to celebrate, it also means that we’re unable to include full Class Notes columns in the Cornellians digest due to space constraints in print. However, you can read Class Notes in full—and more frequently—online. Class Notes are published online every other month, as opposed to quarterly in print.

Where does In Memoriam (the listing of alumni deaths) appear?

In Memoriam appears online, published monthly. For space reasons, we are unable to include alumni deaths in the print Cornellians digest.

How do I get an accessible version of the Cornellians digest?

Since there is no new editorial content in the Cornellians digest, we encourage readers with accessibility needs to go online to read our stories, Class Notes, and In Memoriam. We’re always working to make the Cornellians site more accessible for our entire alumni community, and we welcome your feedback on ways we can better meet your needs.

Cornellians digest subscriptions

When does my subscription end?

Your subscription—which entitles you to four issues of the Cornellians digest, delivered quarterly—ends one calendar year after we process it. If you have participated in our subscription pre-sale, your subscription will begin with the first issue in Spring 2023.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

No, subscriptions will not automatically renew.

I subscribed a while ago and have not yet received my first issue. What do I do?

If you participated in our subscription pre-sale, you can expect your first issue in April 2023.

How can I report that my issue didn’t arrive in the mail?

Email to report a missing issue.

How can I update my address, or note that I have a different seasonal address?

Email to update your address.

How can I get help with my subscription?

Email for help with your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but your refund will need to be manually processed. Please email for help with your cancellation.

If I’ve paid my class dues, do I qualify for a free subscription to the Cornellians digest?

The Cornellians digest is not tied to class dues and is only available to paying subscribers. To read all Cornellians content for free, visit!