A student adds a pop of Cornell red to the Arts Quad during a winter snowfall

For as long as the University has been standing high above Cayuga’s waters, Cornellians have been marveling at—and complaining about—Ithaca winters. Here is a flash-frozen sampler of winter-related lore, stats, tips, memories, and more.

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  • Desperate

    by Kris Maher ’91

    In this nonfiction work, reporter Kris Maher ’91 chronicles an environmental lawyer’s seven-year quest to force a powerful coal company to take responsibility for poisoning the water in Mingo County, West Virginia.

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  • Matt Laberge, MBA '16, is proud to announce he recently joined KPMG’s partnership. As a Partner and Regional Leader in KPMG’s Economics & Policy practice, Matt will continue to serve his private, not-for-profit, and government clients in resolving some of their most prominent challenges related to the economy, their market, and their policy environment! …  Continue Reading about Mathieu Laberge, MBA ’16.

  • 1971

    Marc Grappel '71: "God bless all of you, especially all the friends and classmates that I have never heard from in fifty years. Hope you are all well. It’s been a very interesting and sinuous road to the present, and the story is still unfolding." …  Continue Reading about Marc Grappel ’71.

What are your fondest memories of Collegetown eateries and watering holes?

Brunch at Rulloff’s? A pint at the Chapter House? Pizza at the Chariot or the Nines? Sweet treats at Cafe Decadence? A burger and fries at Johnny’s Big Red Grill? Cornellians wants to hear about it for an upcoming feature story! 

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