Cornellians kicked off the Sesquicentennial-year opening weekend at the Empire State Building, NASDAQ, and The Today Show.

Office of Alumni Affairs

Enrich your life through your connection with Cornell.

You are a Cornellian for life. We want to connect you with a lifetime of opportunities to engage with the university and with other alumni, parents, and friends. No matter where you live, what stage of life you’re in, or what your goals include, the Office of Alumni Affairs can point you toward the events, groups, and networks that benefit you professionally, intellectually, and socially, and help you give back to the university’s many communities.

Our office, a vibrant team of Alumni Affairs staff, works with thousands of volunteers who organize and lead a variety of Cornell-centered communities: classes, regional clubs, diverse communities, and groups bound together by affinity. We also work with several established boards designed to keep Cornellians connected to each other and to the resources the university offers, including the Cornell Alumni Association, Cornell Alumni Advisory Board, Mosaic, Cornell Association of Class Officers, Cornell University Council, and the President’s Council of Cornell Women, to name just a few.

The rich resources of Cornell University continue with you. The Office of Alumni Affairs is here to help you.


Division of Alumni Affairs and Development 130 E. Seneca Street, Suite 400 Ithaca, NY 14850