Consider these skills, attributes, and experiences expected of trustees when making a nomination. Nominations are welcome year-round. Follow the nomination instructions below.

Nomination criteria

  • Potential contributions to the board of trustees
    • Recognized level of success
    • Demonstrated commitment to Cornell
    • Acknowledgment of the importance of higher education
    • Strong integrity and exemplary conduct
    • Diversity
    • The satisfaction of both broad and specific needs of the board
  • Personal skills and characteristics
    • Interpersonal ability in both one-on-one and group settings
    • Good judgment and strong analytical aptitude
    • Fervent yet not dogmatic convictions
    • Proven leadership
    • Vision and perspective, and the ability to articulate them
    • Common sense and pragmatism
  • Effectiveness as a prospective trustee
    • Ability to put the university ahead of special interests or constituencies
    • Undivided allegiance (e.g., concurrent service on another Ivy board would probably not work)
    • Availability to attend all the meetings and participate in committee work
    • Collegiality (i.e., shares ideas and decision-making)
    • Ongoing commitment to offering financial support to Cornell

Nomination instructions

  • Nominations for the 2025 Alumni Trustee Election are open.

    1. Review the nominations criteria and position description in CUVolunteer.
    2. Submit a nomination with the red NOMINATE button available when nominations are open.
    3. Enter the name of your nominee. If they are already in CUVolunteer, their name will appear in a dropdown list. If they do not appear in the dropdown list, type it in and enter the nominee's NetID. NetID lookup is available.
    4. Enter your name as nominator.*
    5. Answer the three required questions.
    6. Click SUBMIT.

    *Please note that you will need to have created a profile within CUVolunteer in order to submit a nomination. You will need your NetID and password to create a profile.