McGraw Tower, Uris Library and Ho Plaza in fall, shot from Barnes Hall.


Nominations criteria

  • Consider these skills, attributes, and experiences expected of trustees when making a nomination.

  • Potential contributions to the board of trustees

    • Recognized level of success
    • Demonstrated commitment to Cornell
    • Acknowledgment of the importance of higher education
    • Strong integrity and exemplary conduct
    • Diversity
    • Satisfaction of both broad and specific needs of the board
  • Personal skills and characteristics

    • Interpersonal ability in both one-on-one and group settings
    • Good judgment and strong analytical aptitude
    • Fervent yet not dogmatic convictions
    • Proven leadership
    • Vision and perspective, and the ability to articulate them
    • Common sense and pragmatism
  • Effectiveness as a prospective trustee:

    • Ability to put the university ahead of special interests or constituencies
    • Undivided allegiance (e.g., concurrent service on another Ivy board would probably not work)
    • Availability to attend all the meetings and participate in committee work
    • Collegiality (i.e., shares ideas and decision-making)
    • Ongoing commitment to offer financial support to Cornell

Nomination instructions

  • Nominations are open April 2, 2019-May 2, 2019

    1. Review the nominations criteria.
    2. Submit a nomination in CUVolunteer by reading the position description and then click on the red NOMINATE button available when nominations are open.
    3. Enter the name of your nominee. If he/she is already in the CUVolunteer system, the name will appear in a dropdown list—choose it and the person’s NetID will prepopulate the next field. If the name of the person is not in the dropdown list, type it in and enter the NetID of the person. Click on NetID lookup to find the person’s NetID.
    4. Enter your name as nominator.*
    5. Answer the three required questions.
    6. Click SUBMIT.

    *Please note that you will need to have created a profile within CUVolunteer in order to submit a nomination. You will need your NetID and password to create a profile. If you have questions, please contact Joshua Clark.

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