CACO Board and committees

The Cornell Association of Class Officers (CACO) Board represents the most experienced and engaged volunteer class leaders who serve Cornell. Overall, the board supports more than 1,400 volunteers, spanning 75 years of Cornell classes. Each class is partnered with a CACO liaison, in an effort to better serve and support all class officers. Therefore, each liaison provides peer-to-peer sharing of best practices and resources to increase class engagement.

The board sponsors a variety of programming funded by class treasuries. Programs, such as training and networking opportunities are provided annually at Cornell’s Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC) and through webinars.

CACO initiatives focus on five areas, each with a committee led by an executive board member. Committees identify new methods of alumni engagement through class. In addition, committees evaluate current programming. To best do so, committees partner closely with Alumni Affair staff.

The areas of focus are:

Furthermore, CACO recognizes exemplary volunteer leaders who have demonstrated outstanding service to their class and Cornell.

Executive Committee

Other Members

  • Ex-Officio Member, AVP, Alumni Affairs: Michelle Vaeth '98

CACO Committees

CACO Liaisons

  • The CACO Board is made up of current or former class officers who are uniquely positioned to foster peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, given their shared experiences of serving in volunteer roles for their own classes. Each class is partnered with a CACO liaison.

    The goals of the liaison role include:
    • Peer-to-peer sharing of best practices and ideas
    • Mentoring and intergenerational learning
    • Serving as a sounding board for challenges a class officer may be facing
    • Directing class officers toward helpful resources

    We are all Cornellians with the shared experiences of serving our alma mater through class engagement. We hope these relationships between classes and their CACO liaison are rewarding and strengthen the ties between all 75 classes and the CACO Board that serves this constituency.

  • Your staff contact in Alumni Affairs serves as your primary contact for all class business, including Reunion planning, dues and membership, class communications, class events and initiatives, and succession planning every 5 years.