In January of 2005, the Cornell Association of Class Officers established the William “Bill” Vanneman ’31 Outstanding Class Leader Award to recognize Cornell alumni who, in their capacity as class officers, have provided long-term exemplary service to the university and to their individual classes. The award is appropriately named in honor of Bill Vanneman ’31, who served his class tirelessly for over 75 years.

2021 Recipient

Richard Hoffman ’67

Richard has served the Class of 1967 for nearly 55 years as the Class Correspondent, helping his classmates maintain their connections to each other and to Cornell. In that time, he’s written over 500 class columns–even writing as many as 11 columns a year in his early days in the role. Richard makes every effort to ensure that all classmates who send in news get to see their story in print.

Richard has attended every Reunion since graduation and often pitches in with the planning. He’s helped to arrange for speakers at class forums and makes it a point to catch up with as many classmates as possible, especially those who are first-time Reunion attendees.

Richard took on the major task of producing and editing the Class of ’67 25th Reunion Book and 50th Reunion Yearbook, even teaching himself how to use Adobe In Design in the process.

In addition to his class service, Richard has remained active with the Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Association, the ILR Alumni Association, and Quill and Dagger Alumni Association. He is a longtime member of the Cornell Club of Washington and the Cornell Club of New York. He is also a past member of the CACO Board and a former CAAAN volunteer.

Richard lives in Washington, D.C., where he’s been involved in the courts and justice system as an administrator, lawyer, and consultant in the U.S. and worldwide. His wife, Eileen Barkas Hoffman ’69, is a federal labor mediator and professor, and daughter Vanessa ’07 is an international public health consultant. Grandson Ethan recently celebrated his 3rd birthday.

Past Recipients

2020 Dick Haggard ’58, PhD ’65 & Connie Haggard ’58
2019 Paul Blanchard ’52
2018 Chuck Hunt ’58
2017  Marshall Frank ’61 & Rosanna Frank ’61
2016  Jean Pearson ’48
2015  Stanley Rodwin ’50
2014  Shigeo “Shig” Kondo ’43
2013  Robert “Bob” Persons ’48
2012  Jack and Inger Gilbert ’49
2011  Jane Hardy ’53
2010  Peter D. Schwarz ’47
2009  S. Miller Harris ’43
2008  Edward Shineman ’37
2007  William & Elsie Doolittle ’38
2006  James C. Hanchett ’53
2005  William “Bill” Vanneman ’31



Brenda Canniff

Brenda Canniff

Class Programs Assistant


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