Building community

We are facing a defining moment, one which requires us to speak out loudly against injustice. We know that Cornell University and Cornell alumni can and will be a part of building a better, more just world for all. In the spirit of building community and seeking to do better, Cornell Mosaic hosted important topical programming at Virtual Reunion.

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Since 1905, members of the Cornell Association of Class Officers (CACO) have effectively led their class organizations by engaging classmates, planning Reunions, hosting events, recognizing volunteers, and raising money for class-designated Cornell initiatives.

Class officers serve five-year terms to build class membership, oversee treasuries, and engage classmates through communications and diverse programming.

Every Cornell class, although they span more than seventy-five years in age, has the same goal in mind — to connect classmates by rekindling memories of days on the Hill while providing support of today’s Cornell.

Cornell Reunion is the most highly attended and anticipated annual alumni event that is planned by volunteer class officers.

The 2019-2021 CACO Board met with Class and Reunion Programs staff on February 21 at the Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC) to discuss current initiatives, including the CACO liaison class president calls.


Brenda Canniff

Brenda Canniff

Class Programs Assistant