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Architecture/Design/Urban planning

Arts & Culture

  • Hear how Robyn Weintraub '91 became a crossword puzzle constructor in this CALS Alumni Association online video series “CALS Coffee Break."

  • Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ryan Silbert '02 discussed storytelling across all media platforms and how storytellers help make sense of the chaos of the world in another "CALS Coffee Break" video.

  • Ben Ortiz, Assistant Curator for the Cornell Hip Hop collection, shares why musical archives are important and how Cornell’s collection partners with the likes of HBO, Netflix, and the New York Times in this podcast episode.

  • Hear this candid and vulnerable conversation with Alex Kresovich '08 about the less glamorous sides of the music business, why it's so important to talk about mental health, and if something isn't working for you, it's ok to change paths. Oh yeah and you'll hear some fun stories, including that time he danced with Rhianna.


  • Career advisors and alumni from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business share their tips for a successful career search in 2020 and beyond in this article.

  • Read more about Kaya Ladejobi, MBA ’13, founder of Earn Into Wealth, a financial planning firm focused on helping women and people of color build wealth.

  • Learn from alumni and faculty in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business leading the way in their fields in this collection of articles.

  • A discussion on how disruptions like COVID-19 have changed employment laws that directly affect you, your colleagues and teammates and how to put a clear plan of action in place, featuring panelists Theresa D’Andrea ’07 and John Fulfree ’06, along with moderator Vanessa Matsis-McCready ’04.


  • This keynote from eCornell explores how to cut through the noise and build brand recognition with marketing and branding experts.

  • Learn about knowing your audience in the media from Kyle Scott '11, in this podcast episode.

  • Learn about building trust in a skeptical world from this eCornell keynote.

  • Through working for companies like NPR, Buzzfeed, Vox, and Stitcher, Camila Salazar '16 knows podcasting. Learn how she was able to make a career for herself in the podcasting world!

  • Known for box office hits like Easy A, Friends with Benefits, Annie, and Peter Rabbit, learn how Will Gluck's grit, determination, and work ethic has earned him a celebrated career in show biz.


  • Hear from Dean Kathryn Boor '80 as she connects with Lou Diamond '92 and shares her mission to rethink the way we learn and find ways to save the planet.

  • Juliana Garcia '14 shares how to organize, identify existing resources, and gain support in your local communities.

  • Two Cornellians working in academia share their thoughts and experiences in this video series episode.

  • Did you know Cornell has its own Black Alumni Association (CBAA)? And did you know it’s become the model for other diverse alumni groups across the country? Hear from the CBAA President John Rawlins III ’06.



  • Hear from Michael Charles '16 and his work on bringing ecosystems into the design and decision-making of technical systems while exploring how to use academic research to impact social, political, and ethical issues.

  • Listen to Cornell Engineering alumni discuss their career paths and how they learn new job skills, as part of an industry connections video series.

  • Hear about Erica Fischer '07's journey from an undergraduate at Cornell to her current role as a Civil & Construction Engineering Assistant Professor at Oregon State University. Oh, and she’s part of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team. What’s that? Tune in for more!


  • Browse networking opportunities, videos, live events and more from the Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN).

  • Launching a startup? Find Cornellian partners and events, and share ideas on this platform.

  • Meet Cornell entrepreneurs from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and learn how Cornell played a part in their success in this collection of articles.

  • Learn about Joanna Dai's '08 journey - from being one of five women in an incredibly difficult major at Cornell, to landing a job at Bear Stearns right before the Great Recession, to eventually finding her footing in the fashion world by creating a brand committed to sustainability,

  • Learn about Drew Bonfiglio's ’03 career path to founding his company Emzingo, where he trains leaders to address global challenges and unlock the talent of organizations.

  • In pursuit of scholarship funds for his Cornell education, Karim Abouelnaga ’13 was challenged to find a solution to the achievement gap. Taking immediate action, he founded his company Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) at age 18 which has since supported thousands of low-income children.

Environment and sustainability

  • Can we balance clean energy goals with the need to rebuild our economies? Learn more from this panel discussion.

  • Read about Cornellians making a difference at the intersection of business and sustainability.

  • Jordan Pares Kane '18 shares thoughts about her work in sustainability.

  • Farther Farms builds technologies to improve the way food is made. Hear about Co-Founder and CEO Mike Annunziata's path to starting Farther Farms, the ways in which they are using technology to make food processing more sustainable, and how Cornell propelled him to where he is today.


  • Watch Amy Banse P'22 discuss investing in, acquiring, and building successful companies.

  • What is behind the FinTech boom? Learn about the future of financial services and how emerging technologies will be regulated.

  • Hear how in 2017, with limited knowledge about cryptocurrency and bitcoin but a dream of founding her own startup, Flori Marquez ’13 co-founded BlockFi. The financial services company for cryptocurrency now has over 800 employees and 500,000 clients worldwide.


  • Congresswoman Sharice Davids, JD '10, speaks with Dean Peñalver about her career path in this "fireside chat."

  • Molly O'Toole '09 discusses her award-winning work investigating the Trump administration’s policy on asylum officers and asylum seekers.

  • Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick '09 stops in for an episode of Fresh from the Hill to discuss his journey.

  • Maurice Chammah ’10, talks about how his love of writing and a class at Cornell helped inspire him to pursue the work he does today.


  • Hear how the U.S. healthcare system falls short for maternal and newborn health and what could be done to fix the system.

  • Watch this video to hear from Cornell alumni in the healthcare field, as they talk about their career paths and how their degrees have helped them excel.

  • Beth McKinney, director of Cornell Wellness and health education expert, shares how to self-manage during counseling and tips you can use right away to help yourself and others.

  • Medical Technology Schools breaks down the top 50 careers in the healthcare industry, looking into factors like career growth, salary, flexibility, and return on investment.

  • Thinking about entering the healthcare industry? This site offers advice to help you make the right decision for you.

  • A conversation between Samira Chandwani '07, Research Program Management, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and Katie Read '12, Department Administrator, Emergency Services Institute, Cleveland Clinic.

  • Ahmed Ahmed's ’17 tenacity and grit led him to greatness as a Cornell undergrad, as a Rhodes Scholar, and now as a medical student at Harvard. Tune in to hear his fascinating story!


  • Watch this recording to hear from the 2020 Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year, Steve Hindy '71, MAT '75, co-founder and chairman of The Brooklyn Brewery.

  • Learn tips for pivoting a hospitality career during times of crisis and responding to challenges.

  • Meet Irene Li '12 and learn about the work she's doing in the restaurant industry.

  • Cornell alumni discuss what shaped their career paths in hospitality and share their tips for management in this video.

  • Restaurant operators share best practices for navigating challenges facing the industry as businesses reopen post-COVID.

  • Check out published papers and data from faculty in the School of Hotel Administration and other hospitality industry contributors.

  • For Lindsey Brous Gitlin ’12, CTB is the family business. After a stint in NYC and Boston, Lindsey has returned Ithaca to oversee some major changes at the shop.

  • Hear the fascinating story of Meaghan Frank ’11 MPS ’16 family’s business, Konstantin Frank Winery, and how they’ve pivoted during the Covid pandemic.

Human services/Social work

  • In this installment of the Leadership Lunch and Learn video series, Shamis Pitts MBA '11 and Reginald White '80 discuss coping with grief and loss.

  • Read more about how alumni and faculty in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business are working to build inclusive teams, overcome leadership stalls, and model ethical behavior from the top.

  • Once your Cornell diploma is in hand… what’s next? Tiffany Southerland ’06 looked for a syllabus on All The Things: career, relationships, mental health, etc. Now a coach and motivational speaker, she has practical insight and positive perspective to share in this episode of Fresh from the Hill.


Real estate


  • Judy Spitz and Andrea Ippolito '06 discuss how Cornell is cultivating the next generation of women in STEM fields in this video.

  • The book “Wall of Wonder: Cornell Women Leading the Way in Science, Technology and Engineering,” written by three Class of 2020 alumnae, spotlights 27 Cornellians excelling in STEM fields. Read more about it.

  • Read about how Danny Kim ’90 helps underserved students study STEM.

  • Ritun Raman '12 discusses democratizing and diversifying STEM education around the world.

  • An interview with Dr. Praveen Sethupathy from Cornell University's Department of Biomedical Sciences. Here we discuss some of the questions his lab pursues in the areas of Crohn's disease, diabetes, and cancer, and the importance of collaboration and curiosity in science.

  • At the top of her game at General Electric and founder of her own company Tinker and Fiddle—promoting STEM education for K-12 students—prepare to be inspired by Hilary Lashley Renison '05, MEng '07, MBA '09.


Veterinary medicine