Whether you choose a small group, culturally immersive, land tour offered by Cornell Alumni Travel, or you opt for a CAU Study Tour featuring renowned Cornell faculty, all of our tours are produced in close collaboration with experienced travel companies that specialize in educational touring. Some of our partners have won notable awards. Each has its specialty and we aim to share the best of those offerings with you. All of our partners regularly win rave reviews from our travelers.


Odysseys Unlimited

  • Odysseys Unlimited offers exceptional quality at a great value, with airfare included. If there's a destination you've previously felt was out of your reach, then you will finally be able to check it off your bucket list (without denying yourself the luxuries) by taking Cornell's trips with OU.


  • Our Orbridge trips have become the go-to summer vacation for multi-generational Cornell families who rave about the special experience of visiting national natural treasures and enjoying scenic luxury eco-lodges with their children, grandchildren, and other Cornell families.

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Travel and safety policy

Please review the travel and safety policy for important information pertaining to all domestic and international travel curated by Cornell Alumni Affairs for alumni, family, and friends.

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