Keynote Speaker

  • Carl Bass
    Carl Bass '83

    Former CEO of Autodesk, Entrepreneur, and Artist

Special Guests

  • Director of Runway and Spinouts, Cornell Tech

  • Executive Vice President, Product Design and Manufacturing Solutions, Autodesk, Inc.

  • Managing Director, eLab & Rev: Ithaca Startup Works, and Visiting Lecturer of Management, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

eLab Companies

  • AREA uses Augmented Reality technology to enable event planners to visualize and arrange venue setups in real-time, reducing costs and time spent on reworks while enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Using traditional Middle Eastern medicine and clinical research, Aunt Flo's Kitchen provides treats designed to naturally alleviate period cramps.

  • GradeWiz utilizes generative AI to make academic grading fair, accurate, and insightful.

  • GreeneAcres Processing will be the first fully integrated industrial hemp processing plant in New York, building the hemp supply chain by growing and processing at mass scale.

  • Harmony’s Room is a digital mental health platform that connects high school students to mental health professionals of color and culturally competent resources.

  • JUJI Foods is the first to bring you deliciously repurposed Asian fruits.

  • Let Divvy is a marketplace, subscription service, product standard, and forum, focused solely on giving new parents their time back.

  • MAC Distraction Systems provides patients and families with a safer and less burdensome alternative to traditional cranial distracters.

  • Map Ctown centralizes college rental information on an interactive map to support students searching for housing and landlords filling vacancies.

  • An online platform using generative AI to offer on-demand, self-driven interactive learning experiences directly tailored to students’ class material.

  • By growing herbs in communities around the nation, we are helping people reconnect with their food and environment

  • Olux is the collaboration hub between SAAS selling and buying teams.

  • PhytoFlock aims to upcycle beverage waste and use it as a feed additive in the livestock industry to reduce the use of antibiotics.

  • A tech-enabled multi-brand food truck for suburban college towns.

  • spekld is brown butter in a stick, offering instant access to the rich toffee and nutty flavors of brown butter without the hassle of making it yourself.

  • A track and field spike cover which allows athletes to safely and efficiently walk on non-track surfaces.

  • Teral facilitates real estate investments in Africa for the African diaspora, offering transparency, expert guidance, and a supportive community.

Runway Program Companies

  • biaWear

    biaWear builds easy-to-use mobile products to enhance the performance and safety of athletic organizations.

  • Kubbly

    Kubbly offers a no-code platform to boost online and self-checkout sales for quick-service restaurants through personalized recommendations and rewards.

  • NanoGold MedTech

    Real-time detection of cancerous cells during surgery, offering a clinically superior and cost-effective alternative to traditional pathological tests.

  • Prehab Prep

    A digital clinic to deliver precision preparation for cancer treatment to help offset side effects of cancer therapies, shorten recovery, and improve patients’ health in the long term.

  • Retro

    Retro scents builds a Large Language Model solution for digital sense of smell applications.

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