Printable Big Red valentines 💘

Print and cut these mini cards to share your love for your valentine—and for Cornell! Fold in half and seal with a sticker for those extra-nostalgic Valentine’s Day vibes.

Big Red Valentines


Printable cootie catcher / fortune teller 💌

Whether you called this origami paper game a “cootie catcher” or a “fortune teller,” you’ll remember playing with your friends in elementary school. Download our printable, fold, and have fun! Just don’t peek at the fortunes before playing!

Cootie Catcher Fortune Teller


How to fold:

After printing, remove excess paper. Your fortune teller should be a perfect square. Flip upside down and fold top right corner down to bottom left. Unfold, then fold top left corner to bottom right. Unfold. Fold each corner in to midpoint. You should see all the colors and all the numbers. Flip over and fold all the corners in to midpoint. You should see only the numbers. Fold top half over bottom half. Unfold, then fold left half over right half. You should be able to stick your fingers underneath the flaps with the colors on them. Bend until all corners come together and you have a game that looks like this:

Woman's hands holding a paper fortune teller on blue background

How to play:

Pick a color. Open the fortune teller horizontally and then vertically as many times as there are letters in your color. Once you’ve stopped, you should see four numbers displayed. Pick a number. Open the fortune teller horizontally and then vertically that many times. Once you’ve stopped, you should see four numbers displayed again. Pick a final number, open the flap, and read the corresponding fortune!

3D Touchdown papercraft 🐻

Are your folding skills a little more advanced? Try this Touchdown papercraft and make a 3D surprise for the Cornellian in your life. ❤

Touchdown paper toy


What can we say? We love love! ❣

Make a no-sew Cornell bear 💝

Not into folding? This 20-minute video made by staff at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art shows viewers how to make a no-sew Cornell bear using a sock.

Big Red word search 💕

In the mood for a puzzle? Download this Cornell-themed word search.

Big Red word search