Printable Big Red valentines 💘

Print and cut these mini cards to share your love for your valentine—and for Cornell! Fold in half and seal with a sticker for those extra-nostalgic Valentine’s Day vibes.

What can we say? We love love! ❣

What’s Your Ideal Cornell Date? 💕

Take this 10-question Cornellians quiz and find out!

Cornell bear with heart eyes

Who Wrote the Book of Love? Cornell Alums and Profs!

For Valentine’s Day, check out these amorous titles—from literary fiction to the definitive textbook on ‘the science of affectional ties.’

valentines books

Printable cootie catcher / fortune teller 💌

Whether you called this origami paper game a “cootie catcher” or a “fortune teller,” you’ll remember playing with your friends in elementary school. Download our printable, fold, and have fun! Just don’t peek at the fortunes before playing!

Cootie Catcher Fortune Teller