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"I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I 'grow up' and talking with my mentee helped me to take my own advice and realize that it is always ok to change your mind about who you want to be." - Amanda `16

CUeLINKS (Cornell University: Learning, Informing, Networking=Knowledge Sharing) is Cornell’s exclusive university-wide knowledge-sharing platform. Connect with students and alumni, and make the most out of your Cornell community.
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This just in from Sehar Mapara `24…

“What sets CUeLINKS apart from other networking platforms such as LinkedIn is that Cornell alumni have opted into the platform to support current Cornell students. The connections tend to be more personal for that reason. For students, no matter where you are in your career search, Cornell alumni are willing to help you out. As for alumni, there will always be students looking for guidance and navigation and you could be the answer to their confusion.”

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From offering career advice, to having meaningful life-after-Cornell discussions, joining CUeLINKs pays-it-forward to the next generation. Plus, grow your own Big Red network by linking up with other alumni.

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