CUeLINKS versus LinkedIN

Cornell acknowledges the brand recognition and user activity of other platforms such as LinkedIn and continues to see it as a viable platform for Cornell connections; however, CUeLINKS remains Cornell’s university-wide online knowledge-sharing platform.

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Connect with Cornellians today! CUeLINKs (Cornell University: Learning, Informing, Networking=Knowledge Sharing) is Cornell’s exclusive university-wide knowledge sharing platform, connecting students and alumni & alumni to alumni to get the most out of the powerful Cornell community. Sign up now to have access to the alumni job board, post unpaid student internships, engage in career-focused discussion boards, and make valuable connections with both students and fellow alumni alike. You’ll have access to a Cornell network designed exclusively for you! Please reach out to with any questions. C U there!

Knowledge seekers (students) can connect with knowledge sharers (alumni or peers) to learn about many topics, such as:

Students need information that others have: on navigating Cornell, deciding on career paths, and making life choices. Cornell’s alumni network is a significant benefit and resource for students. CUeLINKS offers an advisory board model for personal and professional knowledge sharing.


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CUeLINKs a university-wide knowledge sharing platform. Cornell students can benefit greatly from your guidance as a part of the Cornell network. Volunteer your time based on your schedule and interests.

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