CALC Cares: Empowering the Baltimore Community through Service

The CALC Gives Back Service Project presented a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact in our 2024 host city of Baltimore!  During the most recent Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC), Cornell donated over 120 hygiene kits for the benefit of the Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition’s (HEBCAC) NEST Shelter.

HEBCAC is dedicated to enhancing the lives of East Baltimore residents through various programs. The NEST Shelter is a 10-bed Emergency Youth Shelter providing temporary housing for unhoused youth aged 18-24 for up to 90 days. While at the NEST, residents receive support in connecting with resources aimed at facilitating a transition to permanent housing solutions.

Throughout CALC, attendees took the opportunity to contribute essential items and personally assemble the hygiene kits, embodying the good that Cornellians can do!