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Rachel Krug ’04 and Juanita McGonagle ’04 founded the Leadership Lunch and Learn webinar series in 2014. Since then, the Class of 2004 has been transitioning the series to the Class of 2011. Nate Houghton ’11 and Cecily Pulver ’11 will continue to host the series for Second Decade alumni, organizing 2-3 webinars per year, featuring Cornell alumni speakers, moderators, and participants.

The series focuses on building skills and knowledge around career success, work-life balance, and leadership. Previous topics included “Igniting Your Inner Leader,” “The Killer Resume,” and “Social Styles in Leadership Communication.” Webinars follow a format of prepared remarks from the speakers, followed by a Q+A session of pre-submitted and live questions.

Upcoming webinar

Starting From Scratch: Building up boutique business before and after the pandemic

Featuring Annabel Gatto ’12 and Olivia Moore Nicoletti ’12

Moderated by Nate Houghton ’11

April 23rd, 2-3 p.m. ET

Join us for the next session in the Leadership Lunch and Learn series! In our next webinar, we talk with entrepreneurs Olivia Moore Nicoletti ’12 and Annabel Gatto ’12 to discuss their progression as founders and how entrepreneurship has woven its way through their lives and careers. They will speak to the spark that drove them to create their businesses, their experiences confronting external threats like the pandemic, and how their lives & families (including Cornellian partners in both cases!) have been part of their entrepreneurial journeys.

Questions related to entrepreneurship journeys are welcomed in advance. There will also be a live Q+A after prepared remarks.

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Publishing Your Way as a Change Maker

The First Chinese Festivals series of picture books by L Sam Zhang ’07

Featuring L Sam Zhang ’07

Moderated by Cecily Pulver ’11

In this session, we welcomed L Sam Zhang ’07, author and illustrator of The First Chinese Festivals series of picture books. The session was moderated by Cecily Pulver ’11. Collectively, they spoke on the process of becoming a self-published author/illustrator, how Sam’s Cornell experience shaped this journey and more!


Disrupting Tradition & Forging Your Own Pathway

Featuring Jesse Baker ’09, Melissa Benhaim ’12, and Aaron Mumford ’09

Moderated by Shannon Chang ’12

In this webinar, our panel of speakers Jesse Baker ’09, Melissa Behnaim ’12, and Aaron Mumford ’09 joined by Shannon Chang ’12 in spoke about the twists and turns of their career, transitioning into a new aspect of the hospitality industry, and more!

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Analysia Arroyo

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