Students build a snow fort in front of Goldwin Smith Hall

Do you want to build a snow fort?

Warm Up a Chilly Day with Big Red Winter Trivia!

Test your cold-weather smarts with these 10 frosty questions

(If you’ve perused some of our recent winter stories, you may have a head start on the answers.)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Photos by Cornell University and Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections

Published March 6, 2023


  1. Judith E Sobczak, Class of 1984

    Fun to play. And, at the same time learn, (or re-learn) Cornell history.

  2. Kshama Malavalli, Class of 2022

    6/10, this was fun!

  3. Arthur Resnikoff, Class of 1963

    I don’t have a. clue, but it’s a great history lesson

  4. Naomi Block Esmon, Class of 1969

    How come the storm in Jan, 1966 that delayed the start of Finals for the first time ever because (as the excuse was given) many profs couldn’t get in to campus with the exams? May not have been feet of snow, but it was enough; or maybe it was more ice than snow. I can’t forget it because that 1 day delay saved my butt on the day1 exam(s) for reasons I’d rather not go into.

    • Eric Key, Class of 1977

      The storm I remember was December 1973 that forced Tompkins County to close all the roads. My U-Hall Four buddies and I tried to hike Triphammer Road out to Route 13 but we only got to Community Corners before we had to give up and head back.

      • Melissa Yorks, Class of 1975

        My roommate and I both got stuck at Cornell an extra day because our moms couldn’t get to Ithaca to get us. Luckily she’d been doing her own cooking ( we were living in what I called transfer house on Triphammer) which had been a sorority house) and we made a pizza which just had sauce as a topping. I was too lazy to trudge through the snow to Clara Dickson to use my meal plan ticket.

    • Naomi W Berman, Class of 1968

      I was thinking of the same time. Extra time to study for Bio 101!

  5. Sally Thurston, Class of 1983

    Impossible but fun!

  6. Christopher Mayro, Class of 2019

    Fun questions!

  7. Louise Campbell, Class of 1970

    Fun with just wild guesses while I watch Bde Maka Ska ice over in Minneapolis.

  8. Judith Barth, Class of 1969

    No Clue on most, but fun!

  9. Linda Byard, Class of 1968

    So glad this was not an official final! I didn’t study!

  10. Judith Barth, Class of 1969

    7/10! Better than I thought I’d do. It helps to take advantage of all of Corey Earle’s history lessons!

  11. Gordon Brostrom, Class of 1963

    No clue on any question but still got 3/10 which is only slightly better than what one might expect from guessing. One massive snowfall was in January/February 1963 with 33” overnight. But perfectly timed between semesters! Our 4-wheel drive Jeep made getting around easy.

  12. Jeanne Schwetje, Class of 1978

    6/10. I love these quizzes. I love that I can read the answers, retake the quiz, and get 10/10! Haha. Something I could never do at Cornell😎💛☺️

  13. James horn, Class of 1978

    8 out of 12… Ezra’s walking stick the easy one…I knew the Olin heads thanks to Morris bishops history of Cornell

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