Cornellian Crossword: ‘Ithaca Is … Summer!’

Celebrate that gorgeous season on the Hill—sadly, missed by many undergrads—with this custom, interactive puzzle!


‘Ithaca Is … Summer!’ • By Beth Saulnier

Prefer to do your puzzles on paper?

Print out these downloadable PDFs:

📄 Ithaca Is … Summer! Crossword ✔ Ithaca Is … Summer! Solution

Special thanks to our test solver, Ted Boscia!

Published June 13, 2023


  1. Amy (Fuchs) Nutig, Class of 1995

    That was a fun one, thanks!

  2. Penny, Class of 1985

    I enjoyed that. Maybe work on making the movement controls work though. Like tabbing to the next word. I would also love to be able to choose to have it highlight my errors as I play. Excellent level of difficulty though!

  3. Edward Harris, Class of 1978

    Whutter was a bit obscure.

  4. Brinda Govindan, Class of 1989

    Fun puzzle–thanks!

  5. Lois, Class of 1979

    thanks for putting this together. I enjoyed it.

  6. Mark, Class of 1977

    That’s because it’s whetter

  7. Steven Swirsky, Class of 1975

    Fun puzzle.

  8. Denise Pakala, Class of 1971

    I loved this! The online version works very well!

  9. Lori, Class of 1989

    That was fun. I’m not usually very good at crossword puzzles.

  10. Susan, Class of 1978

    Truly fun to complete together—thanks for the fun!

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