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Open mic

In person at an event: We’re giving you 30 seconds to grab our attention with your hot ideas, wish list, and/or goals. No pressure.

Online: This is the same concept as in person, just the written version made available to all attendees.

See who’s coming/see who came

The attendance list for events is everything! Check it when you sign up. Save it and refer to it later.

Cornell alumni directory

The directory contains contact information for all alumni, unless they’ve requested to be unlisted. You can search based on class year, city, work information, and more. Go there now and update your profile to help others find you, too.

If you already own a business, add it to our Google Map for alumni-owned businesses.

LinkedIn groups

Have you joined Cornell’s alumni network on LinkedIn yet? If not, stop reading this and do that now! 58,000 Cornellians already have LinkedIn profiles. But without a group, you can only contact alums outside your network through referrals. By joining this group, you can contact other alumni in the group without that pesky referral. Your profile will also feature the Cornell logo, which will make it obvious to other alumni that you’re a Cornellian. Join.

Check out this discussion on the LinkedIn page: If you graduated from Cornell and have founded a company list them here!

For specific business related discussions join the Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN) sub-group.

LinkedIn searches

Find Cornellians in companies or business fields.

  1. In the search field at the top right, click on the dropdown at the left so that the search criteria changes from Inbox (the default) to “Companies.”
  2. Put the company you would like to search for in that field and hit “Search” (the magnifying glass icon).
  3. Under the “How you are connected” section at the top right, click on “See All.”
  4. At the far left of the screen, you will see many ways to refine your search.
  5. You will see “School” as an option.
  6. It defaults to “All Schools,” but you can type in “Cornell University.” (There are also options for “Johnson” and the “Law School.”)
  7. It will narrow the search and you can further refine the search through location, etc.

Find Cornellians in certain industries.

  1. In the search field at the top right, click on “Advanced.”
  2. Add in industry keywords to search.
  3. Type “Cornell” in the “School” field.
  4. Search.

People that have Cornell University in their LinkedIn profile are listed here. You can see where they live and work and what they do!

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Cornell Entrepreneurship list serve

To join the “Cornell Entrepreneurship” list serve, email with the body of the message containing only the word “join.” Once you join you can post info there. Please note that alumni, students, faculty, parents and staff post here.

The Big Red bulletin board

Connect with fellow Cornellians in Metro New York: Join over 2,000 Cornellians to network, job-search, find or list apartments, learn about volunteer opportunities, buy or sell items, invite alumni to events, ask advice, and more! Join the group. Please include your full name and class year when you post messages. This group is moderated by Cornell Alumni Affairs-Regional Programs.

Cornell Northern California networking group

CAANC-Connect: Join over 2,500 alumni on the networking list of Northern California.