Homecoming photos

Click through these Homecoming 2017 memories and relive the fun!

Homecoming 2017


Stream the Homecoming 2017 Return to Classroom event, Trashy Fun or Secret Treasure? The Hidden Value of Detective Fiction featuring Caroline Levine, the David and Kathleen Ryan Professor of the Humanities, Department of English.

Homecoming 5K

In Ithaca

The Homecoming 5K took place at the F.R. Newman Arboretum at the Cornell Botanic Gardens on October 21, a misty Saturday morning which turned into a beautiful sunny autumn day. Proceeds benefited the United Way of Tompkins County.

The top female finishers are Gwen Beacham (21:15), Kristen Cronheim ’10 (21:39), and Anna Weaver (22:16). The top three male finishers are Ximing Yin (18:06), Matthew Caffrey ’19 (18:29), and Nate Barott ’20 (18:46).

Virtual 5K

Congratulations to the Virtual 5K winners! They received a special Cornell gift and sweatband!

Homecoming 2017 in review