Are you inspired by the extraordinary work, academic excellence, and public service mission that defines Cornell? Do you want to share that message? Join us!

Become a volunteer for the annual funds and be part of a group that creates a measurable difference for students and faculty. Every year, our volunteers reach thousands of their peers on behalf of Cornell, turning their passion for our university into generous donations and personal connections. In the 2015-16 year, Cornell annual funds volunteers raised over $4 million — that is the equivalent of what $80 million yields from endowment!

We’ll give you all of the tools, tips and personal support you’ll need to be successful. Then, make your gift and start advocating for the annual funds.

What would you do as a volunteer?

Starting with a gift of your own to one of Cornell’s 22 annual funds, you’ll set an example for your peers and inspire them to get involved. Through personal phone calls and outreach, you’ll speak with 7-10 households each year and ask them for gifts to our annual funds.

Which committee is right for you?

Regional Campaign Committees

Volunteers on these committees reach out to Cornellians in their own hometowns. If you are based in Boston, Chicago, Northern New Jersey, Metro New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, or San Francisco, these are the committees for you. Do you live in a different town but still want to contribute? Join our National Committee! You’ll connect personally with Cornellians who have supported our annual funds in the past, asking them to raise their sights with a gift this year of $5,000 or more. You’ll also be an exemplar when you make your own gift at that level.

Reunion Campaign Committees

Is your Reunion coming up? Starting in the fall before your Reunion, you can join our Reunion Campaign Committee to help your class reach its fundraising goals, whether you’re planning to come back to campus or celebrate with classmates in your own communities. You’ll get your classmates excited about Reunion and excited about giving during your Reunion Campaign. You’ll also work to increase the number of Tower Club level donors in your class, encourage full class participation, and ask classmates to join you in making a gift of $5,000 or more.

President’s Circle Committee

Members of this committee set an example by making a $25,000 gift or more to the annual funds and then asking other engaged Cornellians to do the same. You’ll be part of a community of leaders at Cornell who will help develop and host a series of events aimed at increasing this high level of support for the university.

Council on Young Alumni Philanthropy

This exciting new committee is open to anyone who supports the annual funds and graduated fifteen years ago or less. You’ll connect with other dedicated recent graduates to inspire a strong culture of philanthropy for the future. By speaking with classmates who are not in a Reunion year, you’ll help them keep their personal connection to Cornell, inspiring them to keep giving in support of what they love. You’ll also have a chance to advise our team on new ways to reach out to your peers and get a chance to enhance your personal and professional networks.


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