Snack Bar 

Alumni dash to the Cornell Dairy Bar at Reunion

For many alumni, the Cornell Dairy Bar is their first stop back on campus during Reunion.

“The Dairy Bar was definitely at the top of my list,” said Elizabeth Fullerton ’13, who was attending Reunion for the first time with her mother, Ellen Fullerton ’73, MS ’77, and her undergraduate roommate Lindsay Patterson ’13, also a first timer.

Both roommates were animal science majors and spent many happy afternoons with a Dairy Bar ice cream in hand.

“Cornell’s the best years of our lives, and we are reminiscing,” said Patterson, holding a cone of Barton Ripple. “I forgot how beautiful it all was.”

Celebrating her 50th Reunion, Ellen Fullerton recalled eating lunch at the old Dairy Bar every day with the man who would become her husband.

“I fell in love at Cornell. I feel as if I became a person while I was at Cornell,” Ellen Fullerton said. “While I was at Cornell, I went from being my parents’ child to being myself. I’ve also had the blessing to bring all of my children to Cornell. Now my husband and I have four children, and they’re all Cornell graduates. I had the joy to see my children here and make what I love their own.”