Morgan Alexander Jones MBA ’15

Morgan Alexander Jones MBA ’15 is the director of Community Engagement & Partnerships at Avenues: The World School. Graduating from Johnson Graduate School of Management with a major in Business Administration, he’s gone on to become the current co-president of the NYC Cornellians Regional Club and the president of the Johnson Club of New York.

How did you start your journey as a Cornell volunteer?

I became a volunteer with Cornell immediately after graduating by joining the Johnson Club of New York. One of my EMBA classmates, Siwat Siengsanaoh MBA ’15 introduced me to club presidents Dana Price MBA ’11 and Lisa Bonk MBA ’11 and the rest was history. The club had a lot of engaging and meaningful events and I was fortunate to join when the club became Johnson’s Regional Alumni Club of the Year.

What does volunteering for Cornell mean to you?

Volunteering for Cornell means increasing the value of what a Cornell degree has to offer. It means the more I can help future classes achieve their goals, I can also raise the value of my education. I also enjoy meeting and learning from new people and given our school’s large alumni network, there are always inspiring people for me to meet.

Is there anything NYC Cornellians is or will be doing that you’re excited about?

NYC Cornellians is beginning to promote scholarship fundraising opportunities for future admitted students. The scholarships are need based and can help future Cornellians from the five boroughs pay for a quality education. As a kid born and raised in Brooklyn, I think this is a very meaningful opportunity.

What has been your favorite volunteer moment?

I have many positive volunteer moments to name, but I enjoy regular meetings with regional club board members. It is at these meetings we identify other active Cornell alumni interested in becoming active members of the community, meet directly with Alumni Affairs and Development staff regarding new updates and opportunities throughout Cornell, and create additional events and programs for Cornellians and other members of our community.

I feel a genuine sense of community with incredible Cornell alumni that’s not easy to find just anywhere.
—Morgan Alexander Jones MBA ’15

How has Cornell impacted who you are today?

Cornell has made a profound impact on me. I’m fortunate to have started off at Johnson where there are some of the most ambitious yet supportive people I have ever met. That experience translated well into alumni volunteering and now leading our Johnson Regional Alumni Club of NYC as well as becoming co-president of NYC Cornellians, where I can connect with alumni from various schools and programs: CALS, ILR, A&S—you name it. I feel a genuine sense of community with incredible Cornell alumni that’s not easy to find just anywhere.

What makes you feel most connected to Cornell while living in New York City?

Aside from being a part of our regional clubs, I’m fortunate to live a few subway stops from Roosevelt Island where Cornell Tech is located. From time to time, I am able to enter our buildings there for an event or two (including ones organized by our regional clubs), but even sitting outside on the grass and viewing the architecture from outside of the buildings is a sight to behold.

Do you have a favorite class or extracurricular from your time at Cornell?

There are a few. Statistics as well as Operations with David Juran, Critical Thinking with Risa Mish, Leadership & High Performance Teams with Beta Mannix, and Strategy with Justin Johnson. I still utilize several concepts from their courses years after graduation.

Do you have a message for newly graduated alumni looking to volunteer?

If you are a newly graduated alumni looking to volunteer and you live or work in the five boroughs, please email me anytime at Also, reach out to Alumni Affairs and Development staff—they are all incredible. Finally, our regional club is on social media: check us out on Discord, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wherever you can find us!

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering or giving at Cornell, please fill out this short form and a member of the Northeast Corridor Alumni Affairs and Development team will reach out to you.

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