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Come out and help refresh and plant summer crops in the Garden of Dreams at Dream Youth Clinic and DreamCatcher Youth Services as part of Cornell Cares July 2024. Make a difference in your community by uniting in the spirit of service! In partnership with Planting Justice, the Garden of Dreams is an urban garden and outdoor clinic that was created during the pandemic in an empty lot adjacent to the Clinic between the 880 freeway and the CalTrain tracks. Dream Youth Clinic serves unstably housed youth, many of whom have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences including family violence, food insecurity, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation.

The Garden of Dreams has been producing healthful food that is cooked in the shelter kitchen and offers youth the skills and support they need to be self-reliant, self-determined leaders in our community. We will join the Dream youth and staff in getting the garden ready for the summer— including pulling weeds, trimming herbs and other annuals, clearing trash, and planting a summer crop.

Children under 18 are welcome when accompanied by a parent.
If you can, please bring your own gardening gloves, shovels, trowels, aprons, rakes, etc. We will provide coffee and snacks. Let’s show Oakland youth how much Cornell Cares!

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