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Cheer on these Cornellians participating in the 2023 New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5!

Gary Munk '79Gary Munk ’79
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
“I am what has become known as a ‘NYC Marathon Streaker.’ I have participated in 36 NYC Marathons and have so far successfully and joyfully completed 31 of them. Every time, I run wearing a Cornell singlet and it is always a crowd pleaser!!! My five-borough running tour is fueled by shouts of ‘Go Cornell,’ ‘Go Big Red.’ Due to a recent surgery, I still join in this international marathon and find myself to be the lone runner on the entire span of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, happy just to be ‘a part of it!’ Proud to celebrate the Cornell and NYC Marathon spirit.”

Jenna KorotkinJenna Korotkin ’19
New York, NY
Bib number: 42696
“I am excited to be running NYC as my first marathon! I was inspired by the electricity of the race while cheering on friends at the 2021 marathon and looked into how to qualify as soon as I got home. Two years and hundreds of laps around Central Park later, I cannot wait to make this bucket list item a reality!”

Rebecca GotliebRebecca Gotlieb ’01
New York, NY
“I have never been a runner. EVER. The most I ever ran straight was a 10K, and that was MANY years ago. I started running for real during [early COVID-19 lockdowns] (I was stuck in the city and there were limited exercise options beyond running outside). Over the last few years, I worked my way up from running 5Ks to 10Ks to half marathons. I never imagined I could or would run a marathon. I got inspired watching all the runners at the NYC Marathon last year from the 25th Mile Water Station, where I was volunteering with other Cornellians. There’s something so amazing about the energy, and I decided I wanted to go for it! I have spent a long time training through sometimes very challenging conditions and usually before dawn: rain, snow, ice, 100 degrees and crazy humidity, wind, many injuries, doubt, and lots of fun. I’m part of an awesome running group: the Flyers. They are an incredibly motivating and inspiring group, and, even though I run slower than most of them, they keep me going at our regular 6:00 a.m. runs. My goal is to finish the race with a smile on my face and no serious injuries. I hope you’ll be out there cheering me on!”

Brian Fuhr ’93
Tivoli, NY
“I ran my first NYC Marathon last year as a birthday present to myself. I am running my second NYC Marathon this year to see how my running has improved after another year of consistent running. The support, encouragement, and love runners receive from the crowds makes the NYC Marathon like no other race in the world. Thanks to the Cornell community for being there to wave us to the finish line.”

Debra (Debbie) SteinDebra (Debbie) Stein ’87
Commack, NY
Bib number: 63776
“The shortest answer to why I am running is because I am lucky that I can. I am running as part of TeamTEAL—the endurance team of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. I lost my mom to this horrible disease in 2009 and have been volunteering and fundraising with NOCC ever since. Our mission is to help bring awareness to the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, since an early detection test still eludes us, and to hopefully help prevent other families from experiencing a loss as mine has. It was important to me to run THIS year because it is the 10th anniversary from when I ran the NYC Marathon the first time. I thought then that I was a ‘one and done’ marathoner, as it was the hardest thing I had ever done.

Debbie Stein's shirtBut in 2019, I went out to cheer on two fellow Class of 1987 Cornellians, and I was inspired not only by them but by the athletes that run as part of Team Achilles International, who do not let whatever disability they have stop them from taking on this challenge. So, I decided to do a redemption NYC Marathon where I could use the experience of the first time to train differently and better. And to give me some ‘extra help,’ the back of my shirt will have the names of the women (and picture of my mom) who will get me across the finish line: In memory—my mom, three other moms and three friends; and in honor—four survivors in the fight right now!”

Daniel GreensteinDaniel Greenstein ’24
Chappaqua, NY
Bib number: 33168
“One day, a few years ago, I got home from high school and saw my mom sitting outside with my aunt. I was not expecting my aunt to be at our house and was initially confused as to why she was here. My mom told me that Aunt Jackie would be staying with us for the foreseeable future, and I immediately knew what was happening. My aunt’s pancreatic cancer had returned. In February of 2020, she passed away from this horrible disease. I am running in honor of her and for the organization Lets Win Pancreatic Cancer that supported her and my family through her journey during this awful experience. Additionally, I will not be running alone. My brother and sister, a year younger than me (they are twins), will also be running the marathon in support of our Aunt Jackie. My sister Jessie also goes to Cornell, and she is a junior in ILR. The Cornell community cheering us on is really meaningful to me. Throughout my years as an undergrad here, I have created long-lasting friendships and connections. I plan on running the entire marathon with a smile as I pass by some of my closest friends I have made at Cornell. I think they are all cheering me on and, in turn, supporting my family in raising money and awareness for pancreatic cancer in honor of my Aunt Jackie.”

Chuck RoseChuck Rose ’96, MPA ’97, JD ’02
Wantagh, NY
“Excited to be running the NYC Marathon for the second time. As a former Big Red varsity athlete, I have always enjoyed a challenge. Whether it was appearing on ‘Jeopardy!,’ losing regularly at Scrabble to my wife/college sweetheart Laura ’96, training for and competing in powerlifting meets and triathlons with my daughters Julianna ’26 and Madeline, or getting crushed in Super Smash Brothers by my son Luke, I thoroughly enjoy pushing myself to be better in all facets of life. Excited to cross the finish line again this year and sing Cornell Victorious. Go Big Red!”

Mary Gail GearnsMary Gail Gearns JD ’85
Snowmass, CO
“I ran the NYC Marathon (my first) at age 62 last year, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved the raucous energy of the cheering crowds, the camaraderie of the other runners, and the great joy and sense of achievement I felt when crossing the finish line. I hope for all the same (and perhaps a faster time) this year.”

 Jake Chen ’17
Flushing, NY
Bib number: 6847
“I didn’t start running seriously until years after graduating, but I am glad I started, because I have been able to meet amazing people through the running community here. This is my hometown race, so there is some sentimental value having NYC be my first marathon. I got a chance to witness some of the legendary crowd support last year when volunteering with other Cornellians, so I am excited to be on the receiving end of that support this year. I think it is inspiring how united total strangers can feel when running this race together, and I bet spectating Cornellians may feel the same way when they recognize fellow Cornellians flying by.”

Mark La PointeMark LaPointe ’16
Astoria, NY
“Having the Cornell community support us at the NYC Marathon exemplifies how united we are no matter how far or close we may live to the Hill. Friends, family, and fellow alumni gather from across the country and around the world to run or enthusiastically cheer each other on during this special event. The marathon is representative of the strength of bond within our community and how no matter where you find yourself or whatever challenge you are facing, there’s a network of Cornellians to offer their support.”

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