Event Details


DATE: October 19, 2023
TIME: 6:00PM-9:00PM
LOCATION: A+O Restaurant | Bar, 1221 West Coast Highway Newport Beach, CA 92663

Members of CAAOC, Zinck’s Night, is around the corner!
Celebrate the honored Cornellian tradition with your fellow Orange County alumni in person.
Come join us on 10.19.23 as we step back into the yesteryears and hark back to our shared Cornell experiences.

For the uninitiated, Zinck’s Night started out as a recreation of time to trade treasured tales about a cramped bar, a colorful barkeep, and a catchy tune (“We’ll all have drinks / At Theodore Zinck’s / When I get back next fall!”).

For the CAAOC Zinck’s night, we try and capture some of that old magic while infusing the human element that makes up the wonderful alumni of the CAAOC. Should things go as planned, we will be celebrating our cherished alma mater while also nourishing and sharing the Cornellian spirit that lives within us all.

So come one and come all! And remember, the more the merrier!
(Friends and family of Cornellians are welcome as always).

Parking for the event is valet only at the Balboa Bay Club.
Ask the valet to direct you to the A&O Bar and Restaurant upon arrival.
You can park via valet and the restaurant will validate the parking.
The event itself is free (starting at 6:00 PM), with everyone being responsible for their own food and drinks.

Use the link below to sign up for the event:

The event posting is limited to 25 people. If the event shows at full, please send an email to nmb94@cornell.edu that you would like to attend and I will add you to the event RSVP.

We hope to see you there! CU @ Zincks