Event Details


DATE: July 30, 2023.
TIME: 10:30 AM
FEE: $15/ gallon bucket of flowers
LOCATION: The Flower Stand, 13187 Vaughn St. Springville, NY. 14141

Please join the Cornell Club of Greater Buffalo for a morning of u-pick flowers at The Flower Stand!
This event is open to current students, alumni and their families.
The club will provide water but please do not bring food or other beverages as it’s a working farm. The cost to attend is $15/gallon bucket of flowers.

Please register your party for the number of attendees and number of buckets (1 bucket is generally sufficient per party). The event can accommodate up to 40 guests.

Please See Important Details From The Venue Below:

Supplies: We have all the necessary picking supplies on-site. *If you have a pair of pruners/snips you like to use, bring them along with you.
Please do not allow young children to operate pruners.

Parking: We operate an active vegetable market as well as a u-pick flower farm.
Please park on the right side of the lot (on the grass is fine) for picking flowers, so spots are available for quick-purchase veggie customers.

Dogs: We love our pets as well as you, but we kindly ask that you leave them at home for this outdoor excursion. Please give us a heads-up if you arrive with a service dog.

Attire: Pack the sunscreen and bring along a hat to cover your face since the field is a wide-open, sunshiny space with very little shade on site. Please wear farm-appropriate footwear and keep in mind the field will be wet (like your lawn) after storms but never muddy.

Children: We ask that you keep a very close eye on your children and that they’re kept behind the stand and not permitted to roam the property for obvious safety reasons. Rt. 240 is a main road with continuous traffic. In addition, please ensure that your kids are respectful of our property and plants as we work very hard at what we do.

Drones are not allowed.
Bees: Please keep in mind that flowers attract bees… that’s a good thing!

Venue Website: https://theflowerstand716.com

For event questions, please contact Sarah Piskun or Luke Tasker
For registration questions, please contact Cecilia Reyes