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Do you miss those intellectual conversations you used to have on the hill? Let’s keep having them. At these events we meet for dinner and discuss an intellectual topic for the evening. A topic that I’ve always been curious about is the origins of the universe, for which there are currently many explanations competing for my attention. I’m going to add my explanation (aligned with the greek explanation, but with some additional details that support modern scientific evidence) to the list of competing theories, and learn what each of you believe and why.

Scientific consensus seems to be that the universe including time began at the big bang. But if so, what existed prior to that, and how did it enable the big bang to come about? How could time start if there was no time to begin with? What caused the “beginningâ€. Of course there are also theistic arguments which people are welcome to bring, which is that God created the universe. I’d like to better understand the logic behind these arguments for those willing to bring them forward, as I don’t fully understand how if nothing existed god could have existed… or perhaps god existed before the physical universe and he created the physical universe. Let’s hear from someone with more religious background from me that perspective, I’ll share my own hypothesis as well and everyone can present theirs as they choose, then we can discuss reasons to believe one over another. We try at these meetups not to try to convince others, just to explain our perspective clearly and allow others to make their own judgments based on the explanations given. Politeness and respectfulness come first, as Confucius taught us thousands of years ago.

For anyone interested in my hypothesis. on the origins of the universe, feel free to read it here. Google comments welcome with questions, criticisms, and compliments alike.

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019
Time: 11:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Location: Thai Farm Kitchen, 416 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Cost: $15 General Attendees, $10 Young Alumni.