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This event is full and registration is closed. With questions, contact Cassie Aquart at cassie.aquart@gmail.com

For the afternoon shift, we require that any children be at least 14 years old, and groups of teenagers under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.
The PM shift is the actual meal service; you’ll be performing tasks such as:
   • Putting hot meal items (entrée, bread, juice, coffee, dessert, etc.) on plates and the plates on trays
   • Working at food stations giving out extras—e.g., coffee, bread, water, etc.
   • Washing, rinsing, and drying trays
   • At 3:00, cleaning the tables and chairs and sweeping the floors (a professional staff will handle the mopping and cleaning the bathrooms, so don’t worry about that).
Be comfortable! T-shirts and jeans are fine. Please do not wear:
   • T-shirts with inappropriate or offensive sayings, characters, pictures or designs
   • Tank tops, very short shorts or shirts that expose your midriff. We do not want anyone to attract any unwelcome attention.
   • Sandals or other open shoes—every once in a while, hot soup can spill.
We’ll provide full aprons and hairnets, which everyone working with the food must wear; if you don’t want to wear a hairnet, you can bring your baseball cap, bandana, or some other type of hat.

The address is 55 West 15th Street, just east of 6th Avenue (between 6th and 5th), on the north side of the street. (This is the entrance to the Church of St. Francis Xavier offices). There’s a red awning that says “Church of St. Francis”; ring the buzzer and the receptionist will buzz you in. Just inside the door to the right is a ½ flight of stairs down to Hurtado Hall, which is where the meal will be served. Just let someone know that you’re there to volunteer, and they’ll direct you to the person in charge!

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