Event Details

Dear Cornellians,

Below is an invitation from KOLABORASI INDONESIA to take part in a webinar forum to better the future of Indonesia. KI is founded by some of our prominent Ivy League Network members, including Cornell’s very own Mr. H.S. Dillon ’83. Please find the complete information below. Thank you.

Best regards,
Nathalia Bernhard

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We would like to invite you to join the launching of KOLABORASI INDONESIA (KI) that will kick off with webinar sessions on the following topics from 28-30 September 2017. This online national discourse that will be live-streamed @ the news media platform Kumparan.com will also mark the official launching of KI that will be followed by sub-topic open sessions as well as face-to-face “Kolaborasi Indonesia Forum” for ~200 selected and invite-only national participants in Bandung on 8-10 December 2017. Results gathered from KI online will be discussed deeper at the offline forum where they will be then summarized and shared to the public and relevant institutions.

KI was founded in response to the structural shift and development that we see Indonesia is currently experiencing. KI aims to start a national dialogue on topics of importance for Indonesian future, say in 2045, as well as anticipate new challenges that we wish to address “collaboratively” together as a nation to bring about solutions at the execution level. KI was founded by the following 22 national figures, 3 women and 19 men (info attached) from diverse public and private sectors background including law, human rights, military, political science, business and economy, leadership, governance, academia and historians.

KI webinar participants are also invite-only, however the full dialogue and sessions can be watched by all at Kumparan which will also provide the medium for viewers to submit their comments, thoughts and ideas. Further information on KOLABORASI INDONESIA can be found attached. Thank you.