Event Details

As Johnson continues to celebrate its legacy as the first top-tier business school to establish an office dedicated to supporting students from underrepresented groups, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion invites you to come back for the eighth annual Diversity Symposium and Alumni Awards Dinner, where we will present the 2017 Wilbur Parker Distinguished Alumni Award and the 2017 Carlos Quintanilla Distinguished Latino Alumni Award.  

The annual Diversity Symposium is held in conjunction with Johnson’s diversity recruitment event, Johnson Means Business, and provides an opportunity for prospective and current students, alumni, faculty, and staff to join together and celebrate diversity at Cornell!

This year, the Diversity Symposium is being held in honor of John R. Clark Sr., MBA ’72, 2004 recipient of the Wilbur Parker Distinguished Alumni Award. John passed away earlier this year. If you knew Mr. Clark personally, and would like to leave a memory, story, or a personal message to his family, you may do so here.