Event Details

Location: Houston, TX

Monday, November 18 | 6:00 pm | La Grange
2517 Ralph St, Houston, TX 77006

We too mourn for the Astro’s close encounter of winning the World Series, but, in these dark, cold nights I’m comforted by the wisdom of this quote, “Long-term consistency beats short-term intensity” (That was Bruce Lee, my friends.) Sure, a quote about how consistency begets success is good for life. It’s also good for the Astros because the team’s been performing consistently well over the past few years, and that says a lot. It’s also good for meet-ups, and that is why we’re happy to announce our November Ivy League Mixer! The history of La Grange is also one of consistency. The location started out as a horse hospital for forty years, then the bar EJ’s for forty years, and now La Grange since 2014 (so here’s to another forty years!)

If weather permits, come join us at the terrace bar. Otherwise, we’ll be inside where it’s nice and cozy.

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