Event Details

Cornell Technology Business Network


DATE: September 20, 2023
TIME: NOON EDT / 10:00 AM MDT / 9:00 AM PDT
LOCATION: Zoom event (Link to be provided upon registration)

Unlock the future with Cornell’s SciAI Center (an $11.3M research hub backed by the Office of Naval Research); bridging mathematics and AI for groundbreaking scientific discovery! Join us at the next CTBN Forum as Professor Christopher Earls keynote takes us on a journey to decipher the universe harnessing the power of AI. He will guide us in elevating research, innovating business and empowering the next generation of AI-driven pioneers.

Is human touch critical? Some researchers fear AI’s “black box” inner workings will provide “results” but effectively omit the hidden insights gained while untangling data patterns, leading to diminished efficacy of scientific research and predictions. Can we use mathematics as a common language between humans and machines? Is it possible to develop an AI-human collaboration that can become our science teacher, revealing patterns of the natural world?

Join us for this exciting discussion to decipher the universe through SciAI led by Professor Earls and hear from several Cornell alumni introducing their business, product or opportunity for which fellow alumni collaboration is sought. CTBN is “Where Cornellians Network Professionally.” #CTBN

For registration questions, please contact Cecilia Reyes