Event Details

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


This Month… “Tools to Outsmart the Job Market”
with Lindsay Brand, Strategic Talent Advisor at Mitchell Martin

Seeking a new job? Considering a new career direction? Does your resume pass the filters? Does your LinkedIn profile pop? Feel like you are hitting the wall in today’s competitive job market?

Refresh your perspective and your search with Lindsay Brand, HumEc ’02 (PAM), successful Career Changer and Strategic Talent Advisor at Mitchell Martin, one of the nation’s largest staffing companies, focused on enabling growth and inspiring success for both people and employers. Lindsay will share insights from her harrowing leap from Fashion Merchandising to Executive Search, trading 18 years experience with brands including Ann Taylor, Aeropostale and Vineyard Vines to partner with clients in Financial Services, Insurance, Legal and Healthcare Industries. Lindsay’s unique experience drives her passion to help others navigate career transitions and advancements.

Tune in and join the live networking after Lindsay speaks to:

• Tips & Tricks to avoid the “resume black hole”
• Trends in what companies seek from top prospects
• Strategies for creating a tailored, stand-out, filter-busting resume
• Insights for harnessing your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and industry professionals
• Personal empowerment in your negotiations; knowing your worth; bridging the gender pay gap.

Program Content:

* Alumni Lightning Introductions
* Keynote Speaker
* Open Networking

Network professionally and listen to an informative keynote speech with fellow Cornellians at the CTBN Forum!

DATE: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
TIME: 11:30 AM PDT / 1:30 PM CDT / 2:30 PM EDT
LOCATION: Zoom Link to be provided with registration confirmation!