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Venture Funding – Part II


Unlock Best Practices of Venture Capital Funding with our exclusive Cornell panel at the CTBN Forum, Wednesday, April 17th.  

➡︠Gain invaluable insights from seasoned experts who have worn multiple hats:  as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and corporate acquisition managers. 

➡︠Delve into the nuances of sourcing funds from Angel Investors versus Venture Capitalists, uncovering the essential do’s and don’ts for successful fundraising. 

➡︠Learn strategic approaches to engage corporate investors for partnerships or potential acquisitions. 

➡︠Navigate potential pitfalls of managing the cap table to safeguard your entrepreneurial journey.

In the CTBN Forum will be Gus Warren (CAS BA ’94) and Dan Stoller (CALS BS ’93), both Co-Founders and Managing Partners at Red Bear Ventures (RBV). RBV uses a proven methodology to invest in companies affiliated with Cornell.

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Additional Program Content:
âž¡    News from the Network
âž¡    Alumni 3-Minute Introductions
âž¡    Open Networking

Network professionally with fellow Cornellians at the April 2024 CTBN Forum!

DATE:      Wednesday, April 17th, 2024
TIME:        11:30 am PDT / 12:30 pm MDT / 1:30 pm CDT / 2:30 pm EDT
LOCATION:    Zoom link will be furnished upon registration

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