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Large Language Models (LLMs), in the form of Generative AI, and predictive AI are poised to have tremendous impact across many industries, whether they’re applied to text, images, or other media. This mini-hackathon aims to explore “AI for Good” in the context of such foundational models. What kinds of applications can those models enable? how can non-for profits use such models to be more effective, efficient, or to have greater impact via new applications of those models? In this mini-hackathon, participants will discuss ideas, ‘hack’ sample projects, and share- all topics and areas welcome, within the scope of “AI for Good” (e.g., emergency response, healthcare, education, policy, etc). Bring a laptop and lots of ideas! 

Plus: If you attend Cornell Tech Fest, 4-8pm after the Hackathon, you will have the opportunity to display your projects. Participants in the Hackathon receive free registration to Tech Fest.