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Cornell Tech alumni and students – are you looking to build trusted career connections? Want to expand your Cornell network beyond Roosevelt Island

Learn how to link up with Cornellians with CUeLinks – Cornell University’s professional networking platform.

Join us on Wednesday, March 9, at 12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M. ET for a webinar hosted by Heather Fortenberry, Cornell Career Services. Heather will lead us through an informative training session to get you started and help you optimize your alumni networking strategy. This event is open to all Cornell Tech alumni and current students.

What is CUeLinks?

CUeLinks (https://cuelinks.cornell.edu) is a university-wide online networking platform for Cornell students and alumni. Use it to connect with fellow alumni and to share information on topics from career exploration, job search strategies, workplace experiences, and more!

Why Should Cornell Tech Alumni Join CUeLinks?

Cornell Tech has a young and fast-growing alumni network entering some of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. The more you turn to each other for support, the faster and further you can accelerate your careers. Beyond Cornell Tech, CUeLinks connects you to the enormous, diverse, and influential Cornell University alumni network around the world. Join today to easily identify those professionals who have volunteered to support your growth and who, in turn hope to learn from you.

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