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Cornell Engineering Innovations in Medicine Kickoff Symposium


Saturday, October 1, 2022

9:00 AM – 4:45 PM ET

Zoom: https://cornell.zoom.us/j/92987082896?pwd=aTJ2bFBQRnNkem1pUDFpT3pwUXI2dz09


Cornell Engineering Innovations in Medicine is
focused on exploring groundbreaking opportunities at the intersection of
critical and impactful Cornell research programs.

This event will feature speakers and
participants from Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech, and Cornell
Engineering exploring research and education initiatives aimed at
preparing the next generation of physician and engineer innovators,
advancing the frontiers of clinical and translational medicine with
engineering focused tools and approaches, and forging a radical path of
research to products and applications to advance clinical care and
health outcomes of patients.

 Symposium Schedule
Saturday, October 1  
 9:00 am  Welcome Remarks, Michael Kotlikoff, Cornell University
 9:05 am  Deans’ Introduction  Augustine Choi, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Lynden Archer, Cornell Engineering
   Morning Session Chair: Olivier Elemento, Weill Cornell Medicine
 9:30 am  Session 1: Data Driven Medicine
   Speaker 1: Deborah Estrin, Cornell Tech
   Speaker 2: Olivier Elemento, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Expert Panelists: Ari Melnick, Weill Cornell Medicine, David Shmoys, Cornell Engineering
   Moderator: Mert Sabuncu, Weill Cornell Medicine
 10:45 am  Break
 11:00 am  Session 2: Organoids and Tissue Engineering
   Speaker 1: Larry Bonassar, Cornell Engineering
   Speaker 2: Shahin Rafii, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Expert Panelists: Shaoyi Jiang Cornell Engineering, Shuibing Chen, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Moderator: Todd Evans, Weill Cornell Medicine
 12:15 pm  Lunch
   Afternoon Session Chair: Uli Wiesner, Cornell Engineering
 1:15 pm  Session 3: Educational Initiatives  
   Speaker 1: Yoon Kang, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Speaker 2: Marjolein van der Meulen, Cornell Engineering
 2:00 pm  Session 4: Immunoengineering & Cancer
   Speaker 1: Claudia Fischbach, Cornell Engineering
   Speaker 2: Niroshana Anandasabapathy, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Expert Panelists: Matt Paszek, Cornell Engineering, Julie Blander, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Moderator: Silvia Formenti, Weill Cornell Medicine
 3:15 pm  Break
 3:30 pm  Session 5 :  Neurotech
   Speaker 1: Chris Schaffer, Cornell Engineering
   Speaker 2: Conor Liston, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Expert Panelists: Chris Xu, Cornell Engineering, Emre Aksay, Weill Cornell Medicine
   Moderator: Nozomi Nishimura, Cornell Engineering
 4:45 pm  President’s Closing Remarks: Martha Pollack, Cornell University

Date & Location

Date: 10/1/2022
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM

Location: Zoom


Meeting ID: 929 8708 2896

Passcode: 436200

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